Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sykes One Year-end Party, the biggest Christmas party in the Country

Last Saturday marked the return of the Sykes Year End Party unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the occasion. My colleagues who attended the party gave positive comments about the party. Of course there were also complaints but that is expected.

Anyway, the event made the news over the weekend. Here's one from abs-cbnNEWS.com.

Call center holds biggest Christmas party in the country

MANILA, Philippines - Sykes has started to celebrate news that the Philippines has overtaken India as world’s top location for call centers.

The firm held its biggest ever Christmas party last Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia open grounds with a record breaking attendance of more than 9000 call center agents.

The party, called “One Sykes,” symbolizes the firm’s commitment to the local industry.

Dean Van Ormer, senior director for Philippine operations, said: “We’ll continue to have stronger presence in the Philippines…to be the employer of choice for Filipinos.”

The firm recently purchased rival ICT Group through a cash-and-stock deal worth $263 million. This paved the way for the firm to tap further the potential of the domestic market.

Industry analysts earlier said the steady supply of English-speaking college graduates as well as strong support from the government allowed the industry to overtake India in terms of revenues.

One of the event’s highlights was a spectacular fireworks display from the people behind World Pyro Olympics. The Pyro Theater Show incorporated lights, sounds, fireworks and live performances from local talents.

The Sykes employees also presented a unity mob dance, one of the night’s highlights. While dancing, the employees held on to a chain of light “to signify their being one as Sykes and their higher ambitions for the years to come.”


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Web hosting hub

More and more people are discovering the joys of blogging every day. In fact, I have friends and acquaintances that recently have embarked on their own blogging journey. No wonder as everyone has a story to tell and emotions to express.

A friend who just started blogging asked me if it is best to get the services of a web hosting company this early in their blogging journey. I said to her that if she really wants to take blogging seriously then getting her own web host is a sensible investment. However, I told her that I know some people who were all excited when they started blogging but then slowly lose the focus and enthusiasm after a few months of blogging. So I told her that she can try any of the free blogging platforms first and then if she is sure that she’s really into blogging then migrate the free domain into her own custom domain and get the services of a web hosting company. This is what I did for this blog which now has its own custom domain.

I also warned my friend not to be fooled by the myriad of web hosting companies in the market. I told her that it is best to get acquainted with the many features and benefits that she should be looking for a reliable blog web hosting service. I advise her to compare the web hosting plans of different providers as well as the reviews from real customers. I even gave her a website for a web hosting hub to help her decide on the best web hosting provider that will suit her needs. I told her that there are cheap but reliable web hosting services out there. There are also blog hosting services which cater to beginning bloggers and those that are running multiple blogs like me. When creating your blog, you can now choose between WordPress or b2evolution which is best for bloggers who have multiple blogs. I find it pretty cool. I wished I had known about this when I was looking for a web hosting company.

Well, blogging is a continuous journey. Surely, there are lots of things that we can learn as we go along. The challenge is for us to learn from our past mistakes and to keep on going despite of all the challenges ahead.



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