Friday, August 19, 2011

What is a Passerelle?

Do you know what a Passerelle is? I have tried typing this word on search engines and it yielded different results. Some gave interesting results for the word Passerelle. It turns out that the word “Passerelle” means “gangway or overpass” in the French language.

One search result refers to “The Passerelle” which is a viaduct in Luxembourg City which runs southwards from the center of the city. It is also known as the Luxembourg Viaduct or the Old Bridge.

A bridge in Paris, France is also called “The Passerelle Debilly.” It is an arch bridge or a footbridge situated in Paris bestriding the Seine connecting the quai de New York to the quai Branly, close to the Eiffel Tower.

Another reference to Passerelle is the French local newspaper called “La Passerelle” or Gateway. It is a local newspaper distributed in the area of Planoise, in the city of Besançon, France.

But if you are in the marine industry or you are working with boats and ships then a passerelle will have a completely different meaning.

So what is a passerelle? According to Yahoo Answers, “a passerelle in relation to yachts is usually a hydraulically controlled gangplank that is built into the stern of the yacht. It is completely hidden within the yacht but extends 15-25' when needed, which is typically when the yacht is Med-moored... stern to the dock.”

In layman’s term, it is a movable bridge used in boarding or leaving a boat or a ship. Passerelles or gangways come in various styles and can be made of different materials. Some are made of steel or aluminum but nothing beats the newest passerelles that are manufactured from high quality carbon fiber which are lightweight yet very durable and strong.

I have looked online and I found a company that builds custom crafted passerelle and other accessories for boats and yachts. UMT Marine International specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality Davits, Chocks, Roller Systems, Cleats and more. You can visit their website and now and you will surely find accessories that will add functionality and beauty to your boats or yachts.


Monday, August 15, 2011

UST sets Guinness world record

The University of Santo Tomas (UST has officially made history by setting a world record for the world’s largest human cross on Ash Wednesday, March 9.

The Philippine Catholic University said Guinness World Records recognized the 13,266 participants who formed the human cross inside the UST campus in Manila.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines said the official Guinness certificate confirming the title was sent to UST on Aug. 10.

“We are pleased to confirm that you have successfully set the new Guinness World Records title for ‘Largest Human Cross.’ Guinness World Records congratulates you on your achievement," Guinness said in its letter dated Aug. 8, according to the CBCP website.

The official announcement is posted on the Guinness website under “Amazing Feats" and “Mass Participation" categories.

In the March 9 event, students, faculty, and university employees dressed in black and white and with crosses on their foreheads formed a human cross and stood still in prayerful silence for 15 minutes.

According to CBCP, Norway previously held the record for the world’s largest human cross with 935 participants at the Oslo Opera House in May 2010.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Planning for a Luxury Senior Living

Who doesn’t want a comfortable and luxurious life? We all work very hard so that when we reach our retirement age we can get to enjoy the fruits of our labor by living a comfortable and hopefully a luxurious lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to look forward to the day when we no longer need to go to the office and meet deadlines? That will be the day!

I know it’s too early to talk about retirement at my age since I still have almost three decades before I reach my retirement age but knowing where we want to go will motivate us to work hard and focus if we want to reach our desired destination in the future. Careful planning is of the essence if we want to have a better future. If we want to live in a retirement community with vibrant amenities and a luxurious lifestyle then we should be saving and investing our money and effectively managing our finances as early as now.

A person who spends more than what he earns will most likely fail to realize the dream of a brighter future. We surely don’t want to be a burden to our family and children so it is imperative for us to work hard in providing a bright future for our family and prepare for our retirement as well.

Retirement should be the time when you can enjoy life to the fullest and decide where and how to live your life. Most people would want to spend their retirement years where senior living resources and great amenities are within their reach. There are some residential communities specifically designed for senior citizens and those who want to live comfortable lifestyles. Cresswind is one of the companies who offer year-round Luxury Senior Living and vibrant amenities. They not only provide typical residential community, they also offer top-notch home construction and innovative amenities that will make senior living a lot more fulfilling.


Friday, August 12, 2011

MYX Daily Top 10 - August 12, 2011 Featuring 20/20 by Pupil

For one whole week “20/20” by Pupil dominated the MYX Daily Top 10 as it secured the number one spot since Monday. Two other OPM acts are on the top 3 spots. Erstwhile number 1 “Pawiin” by BBS f/ Kean Cipriano & Jay Durias and Christian Bautista’s “I’m Already King” are on the number 2 and 3 spots respectively.

Three other OPM acts managed to enter the top 10 with songs from Itchyworms, Spongecola and Yeng Constantino occupying the 6th to 8th spots respectively.

August 12, 2011 - Friday

01. Pupil - 20/20
02. BBS f/ Kean Cipriano & Jay Durias - Pawiin
03. Christian Bautista - I'm Already King
04. 2NE1 - UGLY
05. Taylor Swift - Mean
06. Itchyworms - Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal
07. Spongecola - Regal
08. Yeng Constantino - Siguro
09. Maroon 5 f/ Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger
10. Paramore - Monster

Here is the lyrics and links on the music video of the number one song/video in the MYX Daily Top 10: 20/20 by Pupil. Honestly, I only heard the song and watched the video recently and I can say that this is one of the best that the band has ever done over the years. Pupil band is composed of Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon, Wendell Garcia and Dok Sergio.

If you want to view the official music video, you can go to this link:

I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes

You zipped thru the stars in a silver shopping cart
Fueled by your faith in miracles
You tend to your garden an eden with a twist
Where the animals and angels recreate

I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see

You were born without a care
You fly where eagles dare
Day or night rain or shine makes no difference
You've learned to forgive all our sins
You receive all things without hate

I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see

You came and offered me a holding company
And you gave away your shares for free
And though it was a sad affair
You just couldn't care
All you could think about was letting go

I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see the world thru your eyes
I wish that I could see


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad Day for Carjackers

Seven suspected carjackers have been killed in two encounters with the police in Quezon City and Makati yesterday, according to the police. However, a police officer and a bystander were wounded by gunfire.

Five suspected carjackers were killed in Quezon City early Wednesday where police needed to cordon off the busy highway, where the shootout happened.

In a separate clash in the Makati financial district Wednesday, police killed another two of several carjackers in a van. One of those killed escaped but was gunned down by SWAT members in a creek.

This is indeed a bad day for the crooks. Kudos to the Philippine National Police!

I hope that this will serve as a warning to other criminals that they mean business. Hopefully the killings will deter others from doing criminal activities. Keep up the good work!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Michael Masterson's Insights for Success

Yesterday was the third time that I've watched the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” on DVD. The Will Smith movie was released in 2006 and it was based on a true story which happened in San Francisco in 1981 but the message conveyed by the movie can still be applied up to this date. It was the heartwarming story of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman who aspired to become a stockbroker so he can provide a good life for his family. He had to go through hard times to realize his dream while being a good father to his son.

Success, just like happiness is not inherent to all people. It has to be pursued. Not everybody will succeed in life just as much as not everyone will live a happy life. I have read so many self-help books in the past which were enough to conclude that success needs hard work and perseverance. Unfortunately, success will not be handed to us on a silver platter. If we want to succeed in our chosen field of endeavor then we need to work really hard for it.

We should not lose focus on what we desire to achieve. We should continue learning and improving our craft. Fortunately, we can benefit from the stories and testimonies of those who have trudged the road to success and how they have effectively managed to surpass the challenges along the way. These people had been in the same position as we are now, hoping and dreaming to break away from the pack. They have the same 24-hours a day and yet they have managed to accomplish a lot more things that made them closer to the realization of their dreams. I have heard and read rags-to-riches stories of successful people who rise from complete anonymity to unparalleled fame and glory. What is their secret? What did they do to succeed?

In these changing times, it is good to know that there is no dearth of resources online even for people who are looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to succeed. I was lucky to stumble upon a website which offers great tips to help improve ourselves and succeed in life and accomplish our goals. The website is called Early To Rise which is also the web's most popular success e-zine. Its founder Michael Masterson is the author of several Wall Street Journal bestsellers. He offers insights on how to succeed in business through his daily emails and writings on Early To Rise.

The first time that I visited the website, I was amazed by the many interesting articles and tips written by true experts who have succeeded and are willing to share their insights . I immediately signed up for the free newsletter and I have been looking forward to every issue and newsletters ever since.



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