Friday, November 12, 2010

On vacation

Life is full of uncertainties. You can never say what will happen next.
That makes life exciting. We will surely encounter failures and triumphs as we journey through life. Yes, you may experience a couple of setbacks but these are not reasons or excuses to stop reaching for our goals and purpose in life.

I just wrote on my last post that I intend to write more often on my two blogs for the rest of the year but reading the title of this post will give you the idea that what I initially planned is not going to happen. Yes, I have decided to go on a blogging vacation so you'll not be seeing any updates on this blog for the next 3 or 4 weeks. I hope it will be shorter than that but I have learned my lessons so I will not make promises that I cannot deliver. I'll be back when I am ready.

I would like to thank all the visitors and fellow bloggers who continue to visit this blog.

Thank you to all my fellow Entrecard droppers who continue to drop their cards on this blog. I am sorry that I will not be able to reciprocate your drops while I'm on vacation.

I also would like to apologize to my fellow Blogging for Fun Yahoo group members as I have not been able to visit some of my fellow members' blogs in the last couple of weeks and in the next few weeks. I'll make it up to you when I'm back.

That's all for now. I'm actually writing this post on an internet cafe. I'll give you the real story when I'm back.

Thank you and Goodbye for now!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moving On.

As of writing, it’s 49 days to go before Christmas and 55 days to go before the New Year! Whew, time flies really fast, right? Before we know it, we are again saying hello to a brand new year and goodbye to 2010. I now hear Christmas songs on the radio and some neighboring houses now boast of their Christmas trees and decors in time for the season.

There’s really not much that we can do about it, whether we like it or not, the days will pass. What we can only do is to make the most out of our lives. There’s no use to brood and think of all the mistakes and failures that we have done in the past. What’s done is done. There are only two words that we can do: MOVE ON! Of course, let’s learn our lessons from past mistakes; apologize for the people we have wronged but ultimately we have to move on. The faster we realize that it is just a waste of energy to live in the past is the better for us.

There’s not much activity on this blog for the past few months. I wished I could have done better but what is done is done. What I can only do is to end the year differently. I intend to post more often on this blog and the other for the next couple of weeks until the end of the year and I hope I can sustain it until next year. In fact, I may start changing a couple of things in terms of the over-all appearance of my two blogs. I already started changing the layout of my other blog yesterday and I thought it was a good thing. I am also thinking of changing the layout for this blog but I’m still looking for a better template. I have come to love this custom layout but some people are saying that I should change my blog’s layout from time to time. Well, I will not touch it until I have a better one to replace it with.

That's all for now. Let's all have a lovely weekend!!


Complementing email and social networking for small businesses

Running a small business can be tough. Reaching out to customers can be difficult as these businesses don’t have the money that multinational firms spend on advertising and marketing. Even with the advent of online marketing, small businesses are still on the disadvantage as they don’t have the resources to maximize all the information that they have and create connections with prospective customers.

Sure, you may have an email list and you may have been sending emails to prospective customers but emails don’t always convert to sales. Although some may respond to emails, some of the marketing emails may end up in the spam folders because you simply don’t have the necessary information about these people apart from their email addresses. You don’t know these peoples’ interests or their demographics, you don’t know if these people will be able to use the services or products that your business offers.

However, with the rising popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing can now be complemented by making connections through these social networks. More and more businesses now employ social marketing campaign.

But how can you successfully connect with customers everywhere in the web if you only have their email addresses? This is the problem and it seems that Flowtown now has the answer. Flowtown is a platform designed to help businesses connect with customers in the social web. Using only an email address, they can now get information like the name, age, gender, occupation, location and the social networking sites where the person is hanging out on the web. Businesses are also given tools to interact with these customers.

So if you’re a small business owner making funny T-shirts and going through your email lists you discovered that you have more customers who are using Twitter compared to Facebook, then you will know where to exert more efforts in your social networking campaigns.

Change is constant. Just like anything in this world, the way we are doing business is constantly changing. The ability to adapt to these changes can spell the difference in the success or failure of any business endeavors.


Friday, November 5, 2010

ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID

ABS-CBN formally jump-starts its Christmas campaign with the recent launch of its Christmas station ID which was aired during “TV Patrol” last Thursday, November 4.

Coming from last year’s award-winning “Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko,” the newest station music video dubbed as “Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning ang Pilipino” will rekindle the light of unity and honor Filipinos’ commitment to change.

Participated by the biggest and the brightest Kapamilyas from the different platforms of ABS-CBN – Entertainment, News and Current Affairs, ANC, DZMM and Tambayan 101.9, and the Regional Network Group— the station dedicates this year’s Christmas Station ID to all those who continue to bring pride and honor to the country with their world-class talents and skills, like Journey frontman Arnel Pineda and international pop star Charice.

The theme song “Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning ang Pilipino” sung by Gary Valenciano and Toni Gonzaga, features the University of Santo Tomas Singers conducted by Prof. Fidel G. Calalang Jr. The group won 10 grand prizes this year alone from musical competitions in Poland, Spain and Northern Ireland, including the Choir of the World – Luciano Pavarotti Trophy at the 63rd Llangollen International Music Festival in Wales, UK.

The song was written by Jordan Constantino, with music by Lloyd Corpuz, arranged and produced by Eric Perlas. The 2010 Christmas SID was created by ABS-CBN Creative Communications Management.

Watch the video below:


MYX Daily Top 10 – November 5, 2010 Featuring "U Smile" by Justin Bieber (Lyrics and video)

Another local band has managed to clinch the number one spot on Friday’s MYX Daily top 10. “What’s Your Poison” by Chicosci jumped to number 1 from Thursday’s number 3 standing overtaking “U Smile” by popular international singer Justin Bieber who has to settle for the second spot.

Erstwhile number 1 song “Lakad” is still doing well at number 3 but the only other local band on the countdown, “Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Niyo Ako)” by Parokya ni Edgar is on its way out of the countdown and is now at number 10.
I intend to feature the number one song in the countdown today but I can’t find its music video on YouTube. So I’m featuring the second song instead although I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber.

Let us all enjoy our weekend!!

MYX Daily Top 10 – November 5, 2010

10. Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Niyo Ako) - Parokya ni Edgar
09. Like a G6 - Far East Movement featuring The Cataracs and Dev
08. Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
07. A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez and the Scene
06. Soom - Beast
05. Hello - SHINee
04. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
03. Lakad - Sandwich
02. U Smile - Justin Bieber
01. What's Your Poison - Chicosci

Below is the lyrics and video of the number 2 song in the countdown, "U Smile" by Justin Bieber:


I'd wait on you forever and a day
Hand and foot
Your world is my world
Ain't no way you're ever gon' get
Any less than you should
Cause baby
You smile I smile (oh)
Cause whenever
You smile I smile
Hey hey hey

Your lips, my biggest weakness
Shouldn't have let you know
I'm always gonna do what they say (hey)

If you need me
I'll come running
From a thousand miles away
When you smile I smile (oh whoa)
You smile I smile

Baby take my open heart and all it offers
Cause this is as unconditional as it'll ever get
You ain't seen nothing yet
I won't ever hesitate to give you more
Cause baby (hey)
You smile I smile (whoa)
You smile I smile
Hey hey hey
You smile I smile
I smile I smile I smile
You smile I smile
Make me smile baby

Baby you won't ever work for nothing
You are my ins and my means now
With you there's no in between
I'm all in
Cause my cards are on the table
And I'm willing and I'm able
But I fold to your wish
Cause it's my command
Hey hey hey

You smile I smile (whoa)
You smile I smile
Hey hey hey
You smile I smile
I smile I smile I smile
You smile I smile

You smile I smile

You smile I smile


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top 10 Entrecard Droppers for October 2010

Here are the top Entrecard droppers for October. If you have a minute or two, please visit each of these great blogs.

Thank you very much for your continued support of this blog!

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And to all EC advertisers and droppers, thank you very much!!!



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