Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Walk

I don't know what hit me and why this sudden itch to blog... (An activity I managed to postpone for so long.). I'm not sure if my everyday exposure to the internet or my humdrum job has finally influenced my brain to endeavor into something like this. But this itch has taken the best of me… I really want to write….

Writing is not something new for me. I once tried writing short stories, comic scripts and even romance novels in the vernacular. I never really made a big name for myself but the experience and privilege of having contributed my insignificant and minuscule ideas to the reading public is overwhelming and could easily be the best experience of my life. Yes, no matter how far-fetched those works were, the fact that they were published is good enough for me. Never mind that those works were not really worth bragging and some of which I’ve managed to disown without even blinking. But what I’m sure is... I still want to write….

So, here I am, trying to write again… although my hopes are not that high that what I have in mind are worth your precious time. But what I’m sure is: I want to write… And I will write because... I want to.…

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