Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reading a good book

I recently realized how I badly needed to catch up on my reading. Everyone is talking about the latest books from Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer, Jonathan Kellerman and even the book of Andre Agassi. Well, the books may no longer be new to some but I just heard of them recently so they are new to me.

I have been meaning to catch up on my reading but poor planning doesn’t make that possible. The realization came when I was in my girlfriend’s house last weekend. I didn’t expect that the place doesn’t have an internet connection so I was left with nothing to do than to watch television and play with my celphone. My initial plan was to catch up on my blogging activities but without an internet connection, it is not achievable. Worst, I didn’t bring any book with me.

It made me realize the need to always bring a book so I will have something to read during down time. I think it’s a good idea to keep a book in your car, briefcase or backpack. I can tell you, reading is a lot more productive than chatting or texting on your mobile or even watching TV.

I even started to look for the latest books online and I’m planning to visit a major Book Shop to buy a good book. Luckily I found some online stores offering big discounts in their books with free delivery.

Just think of the many opportunities that we missed for catching up on reading because we failed to plan ahead. A book will come in handy when you’re in a line at the grocery store, at the bank or when you’re in a waiting area at your dentist/ doctor waiting for your appointment.

So from now on, I will always have a book in my backpack.

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jan negrosa said...

thanks lee...hehehhe..yan ang nick name mo sa akin LEE kse masyadong mahaba ang leomar hahahahaha....so lee na lang...hay sinabi mo pa nakakaloka na ngang mag ba blog unang una malabo na ang kita bwahahahahaahahahhahaa!!!! mukhang pera ano? oh yeah the lost code? hmmm its awesome by of course DB..my fave writer hahahahah...thanks for the award lee..God bless at panuurin mo ang 2012.


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