Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy New Year Graphics

For some people like me, Christmas and other holidays went by so fast that we hardly felt it. It is an indication that we are too busy with so many things, not necessarily important things. I guess it is also a sign that we need to slow things down a bit at this time of the year and in the coming year. Perhaps, it will be a lot better if we can spend more time with our family and love ones.

Tonight marks the New Year’s Eve. Yes, another year ends today and what a year it was! As one columnist wrote, Filipinos went through some exhilarating peaks and depressing valleys during this outgoing year.

I can only be hopeful for 2010. In fact, what was in store for Filipinos in 2010 is quite exciting as we get to enjoy our right of suffrage this coming May. We will have a chance to elect a new president that will hopefully steer the country in our continuing fight against poverty which is the country’s biggest problem.

Let us welcome the New Year with a positive outlook in life. I believe that this year will be a great year but it will depend on each and every one of us on how we will make the most out of it.

A Happy and a Prosperous New Year to us all!


Melissa said...

Happy New Year Leomar! See you next year.

Femmepower said...

hi, leomar! i came by to greet you a happy new year. cheers!

betchai said...

happy New Year, Leomar! Hope the New Year will bring you wonderful blessings and surprises.

Badong said...

happy new year LEomar!

Marly said...

a blessed new year to you too Leomar.


Arlyna said...

Allo Leo, Hope 2010 will bring all that you wish for. Happy New Year and keep up with the good work on your blog. Take care and see you around :-D

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