Sunday, August 8, 2010

Treasure in heaven

I heard a priest’s sermon yesterday and his message was crystal clear. Anything can happen to anyone anytime. Life is short, death is certain. So let’s be prepared. Let’s live a beautiful life every day and be a blessing and not a burden to other people. Whatever material possessions we have accumulated in this world will be left behind, so why bother?

Here is another story partly after the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy about a rich man who thought that money would also be everything even in the after life:

A wealthy man lay on his deathbed. His entire life had been centered on money. As his life ebbed away, he presumed that in the afterlife, money would also be everything. So he gave orders that a purse filled with gold coins be placed inside his casket alongside his body. His last wish was carried out.

In the next world it took the bookkeepers a long time to find his name in any of the good books. In fact, it took so long that he got very hungry and thirsty just waiting. He looked around and sure enough, he saw an attractive eatery not far away. “Aha,” he said to himself, “ it’s just like what I thought. It’s a good thing that I brought some money along with me.”

His mouth was already watering as he approached the restaurant. But before he sat down to eat, he was told that the money he had brought along had no value now. In fact, the only money that was of any value now was the money he had given away on earth. The rich man dropped his head in deep thought, but could not remember having given any money away… so now he had none.

As an Englishman of another stripe let his tombstone explained:
“What I spend I had.
What I kept I lost.
What I gave I have.”


Lee County Congregation said...

This is the attitude of so many today that are wealthy. They think they will be taking their money with them. They have truly missed the true experience of being wealthy in this lifetime. They need to read 1 Timothy 6:17-19, then they would understand about riches! Thanks!

Friends 4 Life!

betchai said...

yehey, I am glad I am able to visit your blog now without the browser shaking. indeed, le us life a beautiful life everyday, thanks for these words of wisdom Leomar. Hope all is well.


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