Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A lesson in blogging.

One thing that I’ve learned from my over two years of blogging is that it is a continuous learning experience. You learn new tricks and tips every step of the way which will help you improve on your craft. You can never claim that you have mastered this art. There’s always something to learn which will make a blogger’s journey more exciting.

One of the things that I learned from other bloggers is to get my own custom domain and get the services of a web host if I want to take blogging seriously especially if I want to monetize it or accept paid advertising. I was convinced that it was a necessary expense so I got myself a custom domain for one of my blogs.

However, the decision was not easy. I didn’t want to make mistakes and regret my decision mainly because I needed to shell out my hard-earned money for the web hosting service. So what I did first is I searched the web for all information related to web hosting. I compared different webhosts to make sure that I will get the best deal. I even checked the best hosting awards as this will reflect who among the existing web hosting providers have proven themselves by delivering exceptional services to their customers.

The good thing is there’s never a dearth of information in terms of the latest trends and articles about web hosting. I found various web hosting tutorials and articles that helped me a lot in deciding what web hosting provider really suits my blogging needs. These articles also gave me the much needed basic information about web hosting.

It’s been almost a year since I signed up for the web hosting service and I can bluntly say that I have no regrets. My web hosting provider is working as it should and I am satisfied with the service.

Just like any other activities that you want to get yourself into, you should make it a point to get acquainted with the basics of this endeavor first before you plunge yourself headfirst into it. It doesn’t hurt to study and plan your actions and options.

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Vic said...

Hi Mar,

It's great that you have decided to get your own domain and invest in web hosting. Yes your right we need to spend in order to monetize more. Also, domain is our way to branding. Keep up the good work.



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