Friday, April 29, 2011

Local Politics and Yard Signs

The month of May is indeed fast approaching. We only have two days to go and we’ll be bidding goodbye to the month of April. I was reminded of this fact when I saw posters and yard signs of candidates running for election. Local and national elections are usually held during the month of May. We just elected national leaders including the president last year so the national election will not be until 2013 when we will elect new legislators and other local leaders.

The posters and yard signs bear the names and faces of people running for president and board of directors of the Homeowners Association in our subdivision. Funny how people would spend money and go to such lengths as putting up posters and yard signs just to sit on the board of our small community. I am not even sure what they are tasked to do when elected. But you can give some of them credits for taking this election seriously. Some have even visited our house introducing themselves and giving us a rundown of what they intend to do. Not a single candidate has impressed me so far. But I still have 3 days to go to decide. I don’t know any of these people personally so I may pick the candidates who have exerted enough efforts in reaching out to us, the voters, be it in the form of house-to-house campaigning or by putting up decent posters and yard signs.

I would say that putting up yard signs and posters is an effective campaign strategy. These tools can very quickly raise name identification and recall. It also sends a strong message that the name and face printed on these signs has to be taken seriously and his campaign has viability. These campaign yard signs or even just ordinary yard signs carrying your business name and the services that you offer can now be ordered and designed online. Yard signs can be printed on corrugated plastic, posterboard or polybag materials at very affordable prices.

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