Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Official Housemates

The official housemates of the most popular house in the Philippines was finally revealed last night and viewers also had a good glimpse of the new PBB house.

Out of the over 30 thousand hopefuls who auditioned, only 13 official housemates were introduced. Surprisingly, 30 reserved housemates were also shown to the public and one of them was given the chance to enter the PBB house through a raffle, a first in the PBB history.

Another unexpected twist is the new look of the PBB house. Housemates have come to expect elegant and beautiful furnishings inside the house but they arrived at a house that has no trace of comfortable living. Big brother announced that approximately 15 million Filipinos (or was it 50 million?) were living in slum areas and poor dwelling places and the challenge is for the housemates to live in a house just like ordinary Filipinos.

Divine Maithland-Smith
Jaz Manabat
Joseph Biggel
Kevin Fowler
Kigoy Abrico
Kim de Guzman
Luz McClinton
Paco Evangelista
Pamu Pamorada
Roy Gamboa
Seichang Ushimi
Slater Young
Tin Patrimonio

Carlo Romero

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