Thursday, July 31, 2008

Komik’s presents “Varga” premieres on August 2.

Mariel Rodriguez flies high on Saturday as Varga premieres on Philippine television. Varga is the latest boob tube superheroine--gifted with superpowers, beauty and a great body.

Mars Ravelo, the Father of Pinoy Superheroes, created Varga in 1947 which first appeared in Bulaklak magazine. It was said that it was Varga whom Ravelo would later evolve into the Pinoy superhero icon, "Darna" in 1949, when the comics creator joined Pilipino Komiks.

Varga is a powerful being from outer space. She lands on earth and becomes destined to protect the mankind from the forces of evil with the help a kind-hearted girl.

As an alien superheroine who comes to love and protect humanity, Varga will undergo challenges that will really test her character.

"Varga" is the second part of the Mars Ravelo’s Komiks Presents series. The first Komiks series presented "Kapitan Boom!" top-billed by model-turned-actor Jon Avila. "Kapitan Boom!" is a huge success, enjoying high ratings for its Saturday time-slot.

Here’s a peek on the trailer:


anneberly said...

wow i need to watch this.. I wish I can but dont know where to find the time. thanks for the info Leomar
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