Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Small Wonder says goodbye to PDA.

The final list of the Headmaster’s list of top ten scholars was completed when Christian was voted out of the Pinoy Dream Academy. It was a real close contest with Iñaki garnering 56.01% of votes while Christian on the losing end only got 43.99 percent of the total votes. He can’t help but to shed tears as he sang his final song on the Performance Hall.

On a positive note, the 6th Gala Performance night proved to be a blast for the scholars. The three jurors, namely Louie Ocampo, Verni Varga and Gerard Salonga, were indeed impressed with the scholars’ trio performances. The judges were delighted that they were finally enjoying while watching the performances.

Sen, Van and Bugoy’s group was luckiest trio who received a generous grade from the jurors for their acapella version of the song Yesterday, a superb performance that also earned them the title Best Performance of the Night.

The Scholars were also informed that there will be no probationary scholars for this week, thus no expulsion taking place next Saturday. Instead of losing a scholar, they will be gaining another one—an honorary scholar whose job is to challenge the Headmaster’s Top 10.

Poy, from Zamboanga, is the said addition to the Academy. She was one of the wait-listed Dreamers in the final casting.

The honorary scholar’s task is to grab the top spot from the scholars in three consecutive performance nights. In doing so, she will win P50,000 a night or a total of P150,000 which will be deducted from the three Star Dreamers’ pot money of P1.8 million. Poy will also have the chance to choose to return the money and become and official scholar instead.

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