Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pinay White House chef awarded for culinary excellence

Cristeta Comerford, the first Filipino executive chef of the White House was awarded a certificate and an 18-carat gold medal in a dinner reception hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Washington, according to reports from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Comerford who holds the distinction of being the only Filipino chef to have served three US Presidents in the White House received a Certificate of Recognition for Culinary Excellence from Clara Lapus, President of the Mama Sita Foundation.

The dinner was held at the residence of the Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Willy C. Gaa.

Mrs. Comerford, born Cristeta Pasia who grew up in Sampaloc Manila, was initially appointed as White House Executive Chef in 2005 by Mrs. Laura Bush and she was reappointed by United States First Lady Michelle Obama early this year to continue serving under the current administration.


meryl said...

ang galing talaga ng pinoy kahit san sulok ng mundo mapapunta ^_^
I'm proud to be pinoy.

Eddie Garcia said...

What a great accomplishment and honor for both her and the White House residents. I know all of you are very proud of her and her accomplishments. I know I would be. Thanks for this wonderful information.

Friends 4 Life!


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