Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Killjoys, crackpots, mean-spirited and unhappy people are just everywhere. That’s one of the things that I’ve learned from my everyday exposure to the internet and other technological medium. Some people can not wait to make other people’s lives as miserable as theirs. No wonder why you would come across blogs that full of anger, frustration and hate. And there are some who would even employ propagandas to demolish a person or institution. They would sow seeds of doubts on other people’s minds no matter how far-fetched their stories are to perpetuate their own selfish motives.

One clear example of this is the text messages proliferating in the Philippines about what a giant TV network is doing with the million peso donations that the public has entrusted them in light of the recent devastation of two consecutive typhoons in the country. I will not write the exact text messages here as it came in many forms and versions but the messages were insinuating that the TV station has received millions of pesos worth of donations in cash and in kind but they only released about a hundred thousands relief bags amounting to not even half of what they’ve received. It even adds that they are waiting for their stars to distribute the relief goods.

Before I give my two cents on this, let me just make it clear that I don’t work for ABS-CBN and I don’t even know anyone who works there although I have to admit that I’m a regular follower of their news and TV programs. Obviously, this is a cheap shot from whoever is behind all of this. And the timing is very bad. Not at a time when people are devastated and focused on getting help from whatever source. These are all suspicions without basis since the foundation has been very transparent with the amount of donations that they were receiving and the number of families that they’ve served. I don’t know where this is coming from. What will be achieved in putting down an institution which is taking a leading role in the relief efforts for the victims of the typhoons and flooding?

ABS-CBN has a proven track record in helping the Filipino people. It accomplished feats that the government has failed to do. It established the Bantay Bata Foundation to ensure child protection. It also espoused the Bantay Kalikasan program which spearheaded the campaign to save the La Mesa watershed in Quezon City . The foundation has also taken the impossible task of cleaning the Pasig River and its efforts look promising as to date they have resettled squatters from Estero de Paco to a site in Calauan, Laguna.

Certainly, this is not the right time to entertain suspicions and speculations. Let us use our energy in helping the victims and not on fueling more frustration and anger of the people. Sowing seeds of doubts will not make things better. It does not inspire nor give hope.


Femmepower said...

Hi,Leomar! How are u?I strongly agree with you. Why are there rotten people who don't have anything else to do but rant.Why don't they just help? I admire private corporations who've come forward to help the flood victims. in our area, puro private entities ang namigay. ironically,yung mga sundalo na may dalang relief goods,nilayasan ang neighborhood namin when people refused to fall in line. that's how our government works. sigh.

melissa said...

Hi Leomar, the only thing I can say is the part where you said they are waiting for their stars to come hand out relief items. If this is true, and I am understanding you correctly, that may be the source of criticism. People need relief now, not to wait for a superstar to come give it to them, which only brings in free publicity to the news network. In my honest opinion that is a disgraceful practice, and they should simply hand it out on their own. Just my two cents.

Badong said...

I'm a kapuso by heart(hope it's not redundant) but I definitely agree that this nonsense is not helping at all.


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