Saturday, April 24, 2010

A divisive election.

It is exactly 15 days before the May 2010 elections. Filipinos are hoping that the first automated election in the country will be a success despite all the odds. I sincerely hope that election-related violence will be minimized or there will be no hostilities at all as the Election Day approaches. But we know for a fact that these are easier said than done. As long as there are dirty and greedy politicians who would do everything just to hold on to power, then violence is bound to happen.

Come to think of it, the election process is very divisive. Just look at the roster of candidates seeking elective posts in the national and local level and you will see former friends and even people related by affinity facing each other in the political arena. Two presidential contenders are cousins and one presidentiable is a nephew of another presidential bet. Members of families or clans are supporting different candidates. In my family alone, we cannot agree on supporting one candidate for the presidency.

I realized that there were times when you will earn the ire of many people, even your family members because of your passion to defend your candidate. In the hope that you can convert them to support your candidate, you may resort to character assassination or rehash false accusations against the other candidates not knowing that in the process, you are offending other people. Is it really worth it?

They say that in politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies. With this in mind, I hope that people will pull the brakes on dirty tricks and dirty word war. Our country is but a small nation. Who knows what will happen after the elections? These politicians may have to work with the person whom they have subjected to false accusations and character assassination. Their enemies today may be their allies tomorrow. It may be a lot wiser if they will not let things go out of control and avoid having to regret their uncivilized conduct and harsh words during this campaign.

I personally don’t see any need to be destructive and get personal in terms of politics. Why not talk about the positive and stick with their platforms of government?

Even supporters of different candidates have become so vicious and vile in their efforts to destroy their candidate’s opponents. Visit any political forum or even just the comments from online news organizations and you will see heated arguments between supporters of opposing candidates. Some are out to defend their candidates and destroy the other candidates. What good will this do to our country?

Let’s free ourselves from disappointments. We will definitely be disappointed if our chosen candidate will lose in the elections and again we will be disappointed if the candidate that we supported will fail to deliver what he promised. Let’s vote for what we think is good for our country but let’s respect other people who are supporting other candidates. They, too, may be thinking that they are voting for the one who will do good for the country.

At the end of the day, let’s view the election for what it really is, a political process. It is important as it will make or break our country’s future but not everything depends on it. There’s still life for all of us after the May 2010 elections. I just hope that it will be a better one.


lira said...

Hopeful for a peaceful election and a better leader.

Small Town Mommy said...

Elections are always divisive. Hopefully, everyone can come together after it is over and support the winner.

Recel said...

I can't wait for May 10 and the aftereffects of it! :)

Leomar said...

Thanks, Lira. Yeah, we can only hope and pray for a peaceful election.

Leomar said...

We can only hope that the next president will have a clear mandate and will be able to inspire the country to unite.

solomonsydelle said...

Very well said. Wishing the best of luck to the people of the Philippines this election season.


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