Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need help! My Yahoo mail is sending out spam!

When I logged on to my Yahoo mail this morning, I know that I needed to delete a couple of spam that I get on a daily basis. However, I was not expecting to see a few “Delivery Failure Notice” on my Inbox. I later discovered that my email was sending out spam on its own and it’s sent to everyone in my Address book!

It even sent the spam to our Blogging For Fun Yahoo group. To my fellow members, I apologize for the spam. The message has no subject but it was sending a link to a website that I wouldn’t dare visit. Here is the spam:

http://JeannieShadl cc

Send instant messages to your online friends http://uk.messenger

It was embarrassing as the spam was sent even to my colleagues and old friends I never met in years. In panic, I deleted all my contacts. I even changed my password immediately as I thought my email was hacked. I am also in the process of scanning my PC for viruses or malware.

This incident made me realize how important to take certain security precaution to make sure that my email system is as safe as it can possibly be.

Have you experienced this problem before? I would really appreciate any advice on how to resolve this problem.


Melissa said...

Leomar I didn't get any spam messages from you, at least not that I am aware of. Someone may have hacked your email account, change your password. It has happened to me on hotmail before but not yahoo.

Brittany said...

Hey I was just entrecard dropping, and saw your post. This has happened to me before on yahoo. It was a type of spy-ware that got your password. When it happened to me, it sent emails for mail enhancement products to my boss! Oye. Just change your password and it will resolve the problem. Hope that helps!

Brittany E.

Leomar said...

It's good to know that you didn't receive any spam messages from me. I already changed my password and scanned my PC. I hope this will permanently fix this problem. Thanks!

Leomar said...

Thanks for dropping by and for the advice, Brittany. I think that changing the password may have worked. I scanned my PC but it didn't find any spywares.

gpartha said...

simple as this
inyour contact list create a dummy name first
aa aaa
spam goes by alphabetic listing
since there is no such person as aa aaa
any attempt to send spam to your contact list will not work
u also will get a msg that message as not dlvd to aa aaa

Leomar said...

Thanks gpartha. I'll try this when I add all my contacts again. I deleted all my contacts when I had this issue.


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