Friday, June 25, 2010

Planning a Wedding

I was chatting with a high school friend last night on a social networking site and one of the topics that we have talked about was the seemingly insurmountable challenge of planning a wedding. Most of our high school friends are already married but the two of us are among the few who are in relationships but have yet to tie the knot. We both agreed that a church wedding has now become very expensive that some believe it is no longer practical. She even quipped that you can now start a small business using the money that you will spend on a church wedding. Well, that’s a bit exaggerated but it’s true that a church wedding has now become very costly and planning for it is even more complicated. But my friend and I both believe that a church wedding is important if couples want to take their relationships to the next level. It is the start of a couple’s life as one so it should be a special day.

But really, how do you start planning for a wedding? We know that there are now many companies and individuals offering wedding planning services. In fact, this has become a thriving business in the country. But how would you know which wedding planner best suits your needs?

One quick search for wedding planning in major search engines would yield thousands of websites offering wedding planning services. But one website that stands out is Wedding Wire. It offers a treasure trove of priceless wedding planning tools and best of all, they are absolutely free! So if you are now planning for a wedding and you don’t know where to start, this is the website that you should visit. Using their website, you can now create your own wedding website, create and manage your seating chart, track your spending, track attendance, invitations and gifts, manage your tasks and track all the important wedding details. But what is more important is you can now connect with wedding vendors. You can now read reviews of different vendors based on location and average rating. This is to help you decide on which is the best vendor that you want to collaborate with to make your big day as memorable as you want it to be.

Wedding Wire has simplified the process of wedding planning by using technology which would help couples planning their weddings save time and money.

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