Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tips to a successful meeting.

Many people have the impression that meetings are usually boring and a waste of time. While I have also attended boring meetings before, I have managed to attend constructive meetings where the objectives of the meetings were achieved and the desired outcomes have been reached. I believe that it all boils down to the effectiveness of the preparation and planning for the meeting. Successful meetings have specific objectives. Two very clear reasons why meetings are bound to fail are because it was called without a clear purpose or agenda and it lacks the necessary planning to ensure success.

However, the success of any meeting is determined not only by the effectiveness of your planning and preparation for the meeting, you also need to set positive expectations among the employees. They need to understand the importance of these meetings in the overall operation of the business and their specific role in making it a success.

Aside from the purpose of the meeting, some things that need to be considered when planning a meeting are the participants, timing and the location. It is imperative to plan the number of participants carefully. It may be wise to limit the participants to specific members of staff who will contribute positively to the purpose of the meeting. Timing is also of the essence as some people are more productive in certain times of the day. If you know the time when the meeting will be held, you will also know if refreshments or food is needed for the meeting.

Lastly, the success of a business meeting can also depend on the venue. Often times, it is best to consider alternative venues instead of holding it in normal offices. This would help participants focus more on the matter at hand without the distractions of their individual jobs and the usual working environment. Hotels provide meeting rooms and conference facilities for your business meetings and events. One of these is the Holiday Inn in Glasgow. The meeting rooms in Glasgow are one of the ideal places to host your event such as business meetings or large corporate events. At the center of Glasgow, known as “the Friendly City”, Holiday Inn Glasgow hotels offer a friendly atmosphere with an excellent choice of restaurants, wine bars, cafes and pubs offering a chance to relax and unwind after a grueling day at a business meeting. Shopping, sports and other leisure events are well established in Glasgow. Princes Square, Buchanan Galleries and the Barras weekend street market are the most popular shopping destinations and the Kevin Sports arena offers visitors swimming and other leisure activities that are within reach of meeting rooms in Glasgow.

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