Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dead men don't talk

I was told that suicide is not a wise solution to end someone’s misery. But the immediate escape that it offers proves to be too enticing to resist. Some believe that suicide is a cowardly act as it is an act of escaping instead of facing the problems head-on but some believe that the act in itself is a daring and bold move. I won’t dare to make any judgments on that.

The death of former AFP Chief of Staff and former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes was a sad chapter to the investigations of the Senate and the House about the plea bargaining agreement entered by the Office of the Ombudsman and former AFP Comptroller Carlos Garcia. The former military comptroller was accused of pocketing P303 million in kickbacks during his time in the military. If we would believe in the testimonies of the different witnesses who have surfaced, then there are other powerful officials and generals who are involved in the corruption in the military.

However, the death of Reyes has attracted more questions and suspicions. Some believe that Reyes knew something that will incriminate other influential people. If this is the case, I can only imagine the pressure that he has endured from these people. Will he allow his reputation and his family to be dragged into the controversy or will he spill the beans and implicate his comrades? He had chosen neither. With his death, it will be up to the other people involved in this controversy to spill the beans. It will definitely not come from him. What he knew will be buried with him in his grave. Dead men don’t talk….

I can only hope that something good will come out of these investigations and eventually the people who have salted away the funds of the military will be prosecuted.

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