Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I lose 8 lbs in 1 week!

No, this is not a paid post about a weight loss pill or any coffee or tea that will allow you to shed your extra pounds. I just don’t believe in shortcuts. What I did is an all-natural diet that not only helped me lose a couple of pounds but also detoxifies and cleanses my body of toxins. However, this diet will need a strong determination, self-discipline and willpower.

No, I am not obese, far from it. I weighed 170 lbs before I started the diet and with my 5’9” height, my BMI (body mass index) was just normal. The impetus for me to embark on this cleansing diet was my erratic blood pressure. During our company’s annual physical examination last year, I was appalled to know that I was hypertensive. It was not alarming, though. I know that there are many factors that could affect the blood pressure. Stress for one, which I had in abundance at that time can easily be the culprit. My blood pressure at that time soared to 140/100. I am not a doctor, but I was told that the diastolic and systolic were way above the average. I tried to downplay it but the company doctor did not help. He stressed the fact that our family has a history of hypertension and both my parents are monitoring their blood pressures. He told me to avoid eating salty and fatty foods. It didn’t sound good to me.

The following week after my session with the doctor, I monitored my blood pressure on a daily basis and I was relieved when I saw a downward trend. After 4 days of monitoring my blood pressure, it became normal. My food intake was drastically reduced to half of what I usually eat and it paid off.

It took a few months before I thought of starting this cleansing diet. I just thought of doing something for my overall health and wellness and this diet was just perfect. The idea is to clean the body system of toxins that have accumulated over years of eating junk and unhealthy foods. There's no better way of cleaning the body than eating natural foods such as vegetables and fruits. So for one whole week, I only ate fruits and raw vegetables. No rice, sugar, salt or any seasonings. It was a test of willpower and I was very happy when I completed the program.

In my next post, I will discuss more on how the diet works, how to start the program and other things that you need to know in case you want to try it for yourself.

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