Saturday, March 10, 2012

PBB Unlimited: 13th Eviction Night

Kevin Fowler was declared as the latest evictee of the Pinoy Big Brother house on tonight's 13th Eviction Night. Seichi who was evicted last week also went out of the house and he received a warm welcome from his supporters on the outside world.

Carlo was first announced as safe, followed by Tin who was automatically nominated. Then Biggel was also declared as safe from eviction.

Meanwhile, the voice of Big Brother is back on the Big Brother house after a week of leaving his brother, Big Utol together with Baron and Beauty to take charge of the housemates. He praised some of the housemates for standing up for their rights and for not letting other people abuse them.

When Seichi was asked whom he thinks deserve to be the Big Winner, he immediately picked Pamu.

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