Sunday, January 4, 2009

A day in the Enchanted Kingdom.

It’s been a couple of months since I spent a day in EK with my colleagues but I wasn’t able to post about this on this blog. Since many people are still visiting theme parks at this time of the year, I might as well post a few pictures that I took.

If you will be visiting the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, don’t fail to experience all the rides. Try thrilling rides like the Grand Carousel, Flying Fiesta, Rialto, Space Shuttle, Log Jam, Wheel of Fate, Condor, Up Up and Away, Roller Coaster, Anchors Away, Dodgem, Stone Eggs, Swan boats, and Bump n Splash.

One particular ride that we were reluctant to try was the Space Shuttle; it took time to convince a couple of us to try it. But when were already decided and we were on our way to the queue, we were stopped by the staff and we were informed that there was a malfunction on the ride. That’s when we noticed that there were still several riders left hanging mid-air on the 25 foot ride after it stopped dead on its track. Lucky for us!

The Enchanted Kingdom also charms its visitors with various treats aside from the rides. They have a fireworks show every weekend, dance presentation by the park’s in-house talents, theater shows, classic brownstone facades and establishments, and a variety of characters and mascots led by the Wizard.

Another fun thing to do in EK is to watch the 4D Discovery Theater. We were able to watch “Pirates” which stars Leslie Nielsen as Captain Lucky and I can tell you that it is full of surprises. It was my first time to watch a 4D film. Prepare yourselves with sprays of water, wind blowing and the unexpected chair movements inside the theater that will surely elicit shouts and laughter from the viewers.

For ticket information, just visit their website.

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