Saturday, January 10, 2009

The lion’s den is now Leomar’s Den!

In the tradition of making New Year’s resolution and starting the year right, I thought that this is also the best time of the year to start making changes on this blog. If you haven’t noticed, the title of this blog is no longer “The Lion’s Den” but “Leomar’s Den”.

The impetus for changing this blog’s title came from my officemate. She said she lost my blog’s URL and she tried to Google using my blog’s name “The Lion’s Den” but she still was not able to find this blog. And truthfully, when I tried to do the same, my blog is not even on the 10th page when you Google it. It’s quite pathetic, really. Especially if you will consider that this blog is on its 9th month.

I know of people who consider bloggers who had their name as the title of their blog as people who lack imagination. That was my first consideration when I started this blog.

I don’t know anything about SEO then and I will not claim that it has changed now. However, there’s an idea that a blog is an extension of a person online, so it made perfect sense to call it by the blogger’s name. Although I submit that the title gives no idea at all on what the blog is all about.

One possible consequence of changing the title of a blog is that I may lose my current position in search engines. That is the least of my worries; in fact, this is the same concern that I am trying to remedy. The new title, I hope, will make my blog easier to find.

So, here it is… The lion’s den is now Leomar’s Den!

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