Saturday, March 7, 2009

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I am not a big fan of social networking sites. Although I have a Friendster account, I rarely use it and I would only log in if there’s a message or a comment from my friends. However, I have read articles and testimonials from fellow bloggers who utilizes social networking sites to generate traffic for their websites.

So, on impulse, I decided to give it a try. I sign up for a Facebook account two days ago and even though I still cannot see how this can benefit me in the future, I’m optimistic that given enough time, I can reap the advantages of this social networking site. As if it’s not enough, I also joined Twitter. You may have noticed the “follow me on Twitter” button on my sidebar.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, feel free to click on this link or the button on the sidebar. You can also add me as your friend on Facebook, I only have two friends at the moment. lol…

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