Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Friday - My Younger Photos

This post is quite late but as some people would say, it’s better late than never. This topic is intended for Friday but because of my problems with my internet connection, I wasn’t able to post this on time. Anyway, I just thought that this week’s topic is interesting and I don’t want to miss participating in this Group’s activity twice in a row. This week’s topic is to show pictures of our younger years.

It’s a good thing that my parents are currently living with me and they’ve brought some of my old photos from the province. Below are the youngest photos of me that I have here in the house.

This was taken when I was in First grade with my father. It was our Commencement exercise and I was the class valedictorian but for a change I pinned my ribbons on my father.

The photo below was taken when I was in Grade Four with my mother.

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Tes said...

Cool photos. You are lucky to have kept them! Congratulations for the being the valedictorian in your class! Funny you pinned the ribbon on your father -smart indeed!

Thank you for joining Fun Friday! How come we don't hear from you lately... hope you're well, Mar!


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