Saturday, September 12, 2009

Please pay attention...

Tragedies are happening all over the country, one after the other. If not a maritime disaster or a helicopter crash, we have these notorious vehicular accidents. How bad can this be? I can still vividly recall a news report on TV about a mother and her child walking in one of the pedestrian lanes in EDSA when they were hit by a speeding bus coming from a blind spot. The child was dead on the spot while the mother not only lost her child but also her arm due to the accident. The MMDA and other authorities are doing traffic ways and re-routing schemes but these are not even of any help.

As long as there are irresponsible drivers who don’t value their lives and those of their fellow people, accidents will continue to happen. I just hope that our authorities will focus more on enforcing laws or passing legislation to provide awareness and trainings to drivers. There are just so many reckless drivers out there who are just like dragons who are on their way to kill the next prey.

Donna let me watch a moving video on Facebook about vehicular accidents happening to even innocent people and how dreams are wasted because of these tragedies. I hope that we can all learn from this video. Please pay attention….

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Femmepower said...

Nice clip, it's so moving.I like the last part which says "Speeding.No one thinks big of you." Everyone who drives a vehicle should watch this video.So many innocent lives have been taken by reckless driving.Some may really be freak accidents that those involved have no or very little control over but a lot of road accidents could be avoided if all people - drivers and pedestrians alike - would pay attention to road safety.


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