Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Friday - P is for Pandanggo sa Ilaw

It is Fun Friday once again for our Blogging For Fun group and this will be my first Fun Friday article after my two months of absence in the blogosphere. Well, I already missed a lot of topics for our A-Z meme so I better join the fun now. So here’s for the letter P, it is still something Filipino. This time, I want you to get acquainted with the Filipino culture and arts.

"Pandanggo sa Ilaw" is a folk dance of grace and balance originated from Lubang Island, Mindoro in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The term “pandanggo” was derived from the Spanish word fandango, which is a popular dance characterized by lively steps and hand-clapping that varies in rhythm in 3/4 beat or triple meter.

This unique and colorful dance requires skill in balancing three lighted oil lamps or “tinghoy”, one on the head and at the palms of each hand. The beat is just like the Spanish fandango and it is also characterized by lively steps and hand-clapping. The lights of the lamps are said to represent fireflies that are fluttering in the night.

A good number of Philippine folk dances were originally patterned after European dances during the Spanish colonial rule in the country. But despite its adaptation to western dances, Filipinos still pay tribute to their cultural roots. In fact, every region in the islands has its own folk dances which were performed attractively in various festivals. These have been added to the country’s apparent contribution to the world’s illustration of traditional culture and arts.

To appreciate the beauty of this dance, please watch the video below from


melissa said...

What a lovely dance, the candles add a nice touch.

Femmepower said...

Hehe my mom used to dance the Pandanggo sa Ilaw during her younger years.I saw her old pictures doing this dance.Thanks for bringing back fond memories. =)

betchai said...

oh, miss watching those dances, so popular in high school :) during Linggo nang Lahi


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