Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Message from an Entrecard "Ghost Dropper!"

Today is Valentine’s Day so I should be posting something about LOVE and I was prepared to discuss this topic when I opened my PC. Like I used to do, I started dropping Entrecards to keep me in the mood for writing. I dropped Entrecards while browsing other blogger’s posts and commenting when I have something good to say about the posts or some helpful insight about the article.

Then I stumbled upon a blog calling some EC droppers “cheaters” and “scammers”. I was shocked especially when I found one of my Entrecards listed there. I don’t know if this blog was previously listed but as of this writing, only my other blog Kapamilya Corner is listed in his post as one of those blogs “allegedly” scamming the EC system. I take it as a personal insult which is uncalled for. This guy badly needs attention and traffic so let’s give it to him. Unfortunately, I cannot put his link into this blog as I don’t want to dignify what he is doing to me and other fellow bloggers.

You can call me names but I resent it when someone calls me a cheater or a scammer. This person doesn’t even know me. I have never earned anything that is not a product of my hard work. I was personally offended once by a fellow blogger who plagiarized my blog post but I never called her names. I exposed her not without evidence (I had a screenshot of her blog with the copied article). I even demanded her to remove the article before I published the expose. Even though she probably earned a couple of dollars by copying my post, I never called her a cheater or a scammer. However misguided, she just wants to earn a living. There’s just so much negativity in the internet that I will not dare add to it.

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and I don’t think that anybody can claim that I or any of my blogs has offended anyone. I have the utmost respect to my fellow bloggers especially those who are earning a living through blogging. But I believe that we can earn a living through blogging with decency and proper decorum.

I know my responsibility as a blogger. With all the problems and bad news in my country and this world that I can rant about, I choose to blog about the positive news, considering that the former is more appealing to readers and could give more traffic.

I can quit blogging anytime I want to. In case you want to know, this is not my bread and butter as I have a stable day job. I did not blog for about 2 months and I never missed a meal. Yes, I am earning a few dollars with my 2 blogs but I will gladly quit blogging if this will jeopardize my integrity as a person.

Some bloggers only want attention. Unfortunately, some want to be popular even at the expense of other people. Someone with good intentions can simply call the “erring” person’s attention about a perceived irregularity before exposing him/her to the public. Or he can report it to the concerned people (like Entrecard on this case) so they can do something about it. For all we know, some of these bloggers are misguided. They probably thought that they are using a system that is “legal”. Instead of warning other bloggers not to use systems designed to "cheat" Entrecard, he went on his way to attack these poor bloggers tagging them as “cheaters” and “scammers.”

What a waste of energy!

I don’t need to defend myself here. If I receive a message from Entrecard asking me to explain then I would. But I am not a ghost dropper. I wouldn’t have read this blogger’s article if I wasn’t visiting his site. I only dropped EC’s on blogs that are in my Inbox and if there’s ample time, I also dropped to those that are in the top of their categories. I am not even using a special drop-list like other EC members are using. That is why you will not see my blogs on the top droppers’ list of any blog, I only drop EC’s when I have the time and most of the time, I don’t have it. I don’t even promote my other blog since its theme is local entertainment. This is the reason why I chose not to include my other blog in my Blogging For Fun group since most of my fellow bloggers who are from overseas will surely not appreciate its content.

I don’t want anything more than RESPECT from my fellow bloggers. I don’t agree that respect is something that needs to be earned. All of us deserve a certain amount of respect. I don’t visit bloggers spamming their comment forms or shoutboxes begging for everybody to visit my blogs. If you don’t want me visiting your blogs or dropping EC’s on your precious blog, then say so. My time is precious just like yours.

Lastly, I would like to thank Melissa who is the leader of our Blogging for Fun group. She has been very kind and supportive to all the members of the group. You are a dear friend!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Let’s RESPECT and LOVE one another.


Melissa said...

Leomar I saw this, and I am sorry, as he is a member of our Blogging for Fun group too. I asked him, and he said he had proof, though when it was explained how it could happen, his proof was less than stellar. I see you still have him in your blog roll, so you are a better person than me.

Leomar said...

Thanks again for the support, Melissa. I'm not on a hurry to remove his links in my blogroll but I've already decided to do it. Knowing that we both belong to a small group, it would have been easy to email me first before posting my Entrecard on his "Ghost Dropper's List". I would have appreciated that.

Anyway, he doesn't deserve a space in this blog so it would not be long and I'll have all his links removed.

Scotty's Princess said...

Oh! I never knew you were included in the list of bloggers who were convicted without fair trial, Leomar! I am so sorry to hear about this. Had I been in your shoe, I would be very furious. I had written comments in some of the posts around the blogosphere how disappointed I was on how people were too quick in prejudging the alleged ghost droppers. Martin wasn't able to handle this issue properly by hurling unfounded accusations.

Some people don't know what ethics and respect means. You all deserve a public apology. And If I were one of the victims, I shall declare him a persona non grata.

sheila sultani said...

There are a lot of posts out there supporting the victims of this. I wrote about it on my blog - you and the rest of the guys who had their blogs and names slandered have a lot of support.

Femmepower said...

Huh? I haven't been dropping EC a lot lately except on our small group.But I never encountered this post which included your other blog. Hmmm I think I know who this blogger is coz he's the only blogging4fun member that I don't read up on. I'm gonna get mad as hell if he enlisted me there. Grrr! Thanks for the heads up,Leomar. Rest assured,we know your integrity. I'll never believe such an allegation about you.

Leomar said...

Thanks, Lainy. This blog was not included in the list, but my other blog was. I am not demanding a public apology. It's enough that i was able to air my side.

Leomar said...

Thanks Sheila. I dropped my EC on your blog yesterday but I didn't know then that one of my blogs was on the list. I guess, I visited you first before going to the accuser's blog.

Badong said...

Alam ko pumunta na kjami sa Zambales nung bata pa ko pero di ko alam kung san exactly.

Fucking carabaos? Baket? Mukha ba siyang kalabaw? Peace. hehe

Happy Valentine's Vaj! Happy Bday Kris Aquino!

Ebie said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. I do not have any clue who made all these accusations. I have not been on the EC for a while.

What you did is such honorable. If I were on your shoes, I would report this to EC management.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Paul Baines said...

It's good to see that people can finally see sense, I have removed Artshout, Buy Tees and from Entrecard until I know it's safe to bring them back, in the meantime will be dropping and advertising for two new blogs. That way I can stay involved but not risk everything for a little traffic, after all, Corneyman has literally destroyed the reputation of many of our blogs, and should in all honesty be asked to compensate on some level.

Leomar said...

Thanks Ebie. I think this has been reported by other bloggers who made it to the "Ghost Droppers List".

AdviceMaven said...

I left EC a little while ago when all the trojans were being spread by some blogs on EC. It was the nastiest trojan I ever removed, so I gave up, but I don't miss the drama. There have been a few times when EC members accused fellow bloggers by writing big giant posts about them. It is childish, although EC was a great way to discover new blogs, there are some things I just don't miss.

Jude said...

I'm glad to see you didn't leave Entrecard because of the slander, such a pity some did. I have decided to stop visiting his blogs so maybe he should think about removing his blogs because I'm sure there are many that feel the way I do....take care.


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