Sunday, July 11, 2010

Are you working for God?

According to the bible, man is created in God’s image and likeness. It not only means that we are like God in form but we also have spiritual capacity and can exhibit godly character. We can show compassion and God’s goodness through our daily lives. Let us be good Samaritans and be a blessing to other people.

Here is a story taken from Fr. Frank Mihalic’s compilation of stories:

Joe had always been a helpful neighbor and so a lady next door asked him if he could drive her little son to the hospital. Actually, Joe had other plans but he did not know how to say no. So he sat the little boy into the car seat, fastened his seat belt, and started off on the 50-mile trip to the hospital.

As they were driving along, the little boy slowly turned to Joe and asked, “Are you God?”

Startled, Joe said, “No.”

The boy continued, “I heard my mom asking God for some way to get me to a doctor. If you are not God, do you work for him?”

Joe replied, “I guess so – sometimes. And now that you ask, I will be doing it a lot more.”

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rochelle@mom-says said...

How nice. I had goosebumps reading it. more stories, leomar!


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