Sunday, July 25, 2010

Refrigerator magnets for collectors and business owners.

These items are just ornaments which are used to post shopping lists, birthday cards, pictures or reminders on a refrigerator. They come in different shapes and sizes, from a tiny plastic sculpture of your child’s favorite cartoon character to shapes of letters, fruits or animals. You may have one or two in your refrigerator. Yes, I’m talking about refrigerator magnets or fridge magnets.

But do you know that refrigerator magnets are a relatively popular object of collectors? Louise J. Greenfarb of Henderson, Nevada, has over 32,000 different refrigerator magnets. The Guinness Book of World Records declared her collection as the world's largest. She is now appropriately dubbed as “The Magnet Lady."

More than the decorative purpose, some businesses saw the potential of refrigerator magnets for advertising their products and services. And why not? According to an advertising company, more than 80% of all households in developed countries have magnets on their refrigerators. It also promises a quite lengthy lifespan as it typically last for 5-10 years. They also said that a fridge door is viewed 40 times in an average by a regular household. This means that if your business name and contact information is imprinted on a refrigerator magnet, you’ll get an approximately 14,600 impressions per year! Surely, this is a foolproof way to promote your business.

No wonder, many people are now giving magnets for refrigerator as a souvenir, invitation, and save-the-date for any special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and for any other purposes. You can now order these online in different designs and in full-color. You can even use your own photo and have it imprinted on a refrigerator magnet. Certainly, it is a unique way to promote your business, add to a collection or celebrate a special occasion.

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