Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Online Classified

Gone are the days when we turn to newspapers and other forms of printed media for our advertising needs. Classified advertising has expanded to include similar advertising on radio, TV and it has also found its way to the internet. In fact, internet classified ads are becoming more and more popular which is not surprising at all considering the many advantages of online advertising.

Online classifieds can reach a wider scope of audience compared to the printed media which normally cater to the local audience. Since most online classifieds do not use per-line pricing models, ads can be created longer. Best of all, internet classifieds are readily searchable so you don’t have to waste time flipping through pages looking for the specific category.

One of the better online classifieds that is becoming more popular online is List Here. The site prides itself of doing classified advertising a little bit better. And they are just doing great. They provide free classified ads to the general public but they also have premium business accounts at reasonable prices. With List Here, you don’t need to repost your ad over and over. They also offer additional reporting of premium accounts where you can find who is searching for your services or clicking your ads.

Can you possibly beat a site that offers free services? Visit List Here now and experience a kick-ass online classified advertising!

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