Thursday, July 21, 2011

A career in Copywriting

An old friend and a fellow blogger have been encouraging me to try online copywriting as another source of income. He resigned from a stable office job almost a year ago to embark on a work-at-home job as an online copywriter and he said that he has been enjoying it. We both shared the same dream of being able to make money out of writing which we enjoyed doing. What I envy most with his job is he has full control over his work hours. He can work when he feels like it and he can work in the comfort of his home.

Copywriting is a lucrative career. My friend told me that there are copywriters who are making six-figure incomes just by writing articles on the web. These people have mastered the art of effective writing and online marketing. They can get people to respond to what they want through articles or letters promoting something or persuading readers to subscribe to a certain viewpoint.

A good copywriter should be able to write compelling stories that will catch the attention of customers so that they will respond and purchase the product or services that is being offered. He should be able to effectively use his pen and the power of persuasion to excel in this craft. He must be able to write well and he can connect with his target audience. Even the headline should be appealing so that the readers will read the rest of the article.

Unfortunately, you cannot become a proficient copywriter overnight. You need to invest time in studying the craft and developing your writing skills. It’s a good thing that there are now courses available online which can help aspiring copywriters to become effective in this field. There are courses covering the basics of copywriting and there are also courses and literature written by experts in the field. The best way to become a good copywriter is by copying the masters.

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