Thursday, January 5, 2012

First post for 2012

Let me first greet you a happy and a prosperous New Year. I hope that this new year brings blessings and happiness to all of us.

This is my first post for 2012 and let me take this opportunity to take a quick look at what this blog has accomplished last year and what direction it is heading.

This thought struck me last night when I received an email from Google Apps, reminding me that I need to renew this blog’s custom domain if I want to keep it online and under this domain. A decision needs to be made. Should I continue this blog? Is it worth it?

In order to come up with a proper decision, I needed to look back to see how far this blog has reached in its 3 years of existence. Assess the pros and cons of maintaining this blog. Yes, I started this blog April of 2009 and the fact that it is still live can be considered a major accomplishment. This blog, even with minimal updates, continues to get regular visitors from popular search engines. It has managed to maintain its PR 2 up to now and a good ranking on some of the more popular blogging communities. Of course, how can I forget the monetary rewards that I have enjoyed courtesy of the advertisements on this blog? The fact is, it would be painful to bid goodbye to something that has taught me a lot of lessons in writing and online marketing.

On the other hand, I have to admit that this blog has lost its focus. In fact, I am now having a hard time placing it in the Entertainment Category when all of my posts lately have been about music, politics and personal stuffs. I have managed to provide MYX Daily Top 10 updates from time to time but that will put my blog in the Music category if we will be stricter about it. I am also bothered by the number of paid links and reviews that have accumulated in the previous years. I have been trying to resist the temptation of deleting those paid reviews that I have done over the years and start all over again but I don’t want to get the ire of advertisers who expect to have their links live as long as the blog exists.

Well, I still have until the end of the month to decide on the fate of this blog. I’ll sleep on it first and weigh my options. But while I haven’t made my decision, I will try to update this blog with the usual stuff.

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