Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited: 5th Eviction Night

Four housemates were evicted from the PBB house last night for this year's first eviction night. Luz, Tol and Kigoy were voted out of the reality show while Kim was forced evicted from the house.

Luz got the lowest percentage vote with only 8.75% while Kevin got 25.19% and Jessica registered 28.29%. Steph garnered the highest percentage vote among UnliDay housemates with over 37%.

For UnliNight housemates, Tol got the lowest percentage of votes with only 6.56 while Kigoy got 14.77%. Denise registered the highest percentage of votes with over 40% while Wendy is a close second with 37.91%.

Emotions are high during the eviction night as two of the evicted housemates shed tears. Kigoy broke down into tears when he was met by his mother in the confession room right after his eviction. Luz also cried when she narrated that one of the housemates said that they are better off without her.

But one major news which is part of the Intensity 7 that shocked the housemates and the viewers is when Big Brother announced that by the end of the week, only 14 housemates will remain in his house. Ten of these housemates will be chosen by the viewers while 4 will be selected by the criteria set by Kuya.

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