Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited: 6th Eviction Night

Six housemates were evicted from the PBB house last night for the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Sixth Eviction Night. Naprey, Unad, Steph, Ryan, Jerico and Roy were evicted from the PBB house as part of the Intensity 7 that shook all the housemates from the reality show. Just like what Big Brother announced last week, only 14 housemates were left at the end of the week.

The last housemate who made it to the list and who completed the top 14 is Denise from Team High Voltage. However, she was made to wait outside of the mansion and Big Brother entrusted her fate to a task given to Paco and Slater. It was Paco who completed the puzzles that paved the way for Denise to enter the house. Consequently, Big Brother announced that Denise will be transferred to Paco's team, team Wayuk.

In total, 5 housemates from Team Wayuk made it to the top 14 and 9 housemates from Team High Voltage. Denise' inclusion to Team Wayuk will make her the sixth member. So as part of the Intensity 7 Aftershock, Big Brother announced that another housemate from Team High Voltage will be transferred to Team Wayuk. We'll have to watch out for that in the next episodes.

Interestingly, the six evicted housemates were made to choose who they think among the top 14 deserve to be included in the top 4. The six evicted housemates are in agreement that Biegel, Pamu, Seichi and Eting should be in the top 4.

Watch out for more surprises in the biggest reality show in the country!

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