Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friendster problem.

I’m not a very big fan of the social networking site but I do have an account and a couple of friends. Donna, however, is a regular user. She updates her profile almost daily and she has hundreds of friends in her network.

It has been a few days now that we were not able to log in to our accounts owing to the site’s maintenance. Yesterday, we managed to get the homepage up and we were able to log in. There’s still an error message coming up but, yeah, we were able to view our profiles. Suddenly, Donna noticed something; her hundreds of friends are no longer on her friend’s list! I took it lightly, cracking a joke that in times of needs, most friends are hard to find. I log in to my account and experienced the same problem, my hundreds of friends… (lol… okay, that’s not true… I only had about 30 or so friends.) were reduced to just seven. At least, I still have friends left.

Donna was very disappointed, some of her friends, used this network to keep in touch, especially those that are overseas. Well, we all experienced setbacks. Friendster, no matter how big a company has its share of problems. We can just hope that they can fix this in due time.

However, I received this text message from a friend who received it from another friend. As this is the case, we cannot guarantee that this information is true. We don’t have a way of verifying the veracity of this information let alone check if the source is credible. Here is the text message:

Please be advised that Friendster has suffered a great damage on their site as a computer named h4xor-nytmare had infiltrated their database. Please do not log in your accounts or add friends for the time being for the team is currently recovering the losses that were inflicted. Please spread.


Emman Lijesta said...

Rumors has it that it was a virus or a hacker named H4Xor-Nytmare. FS says that it was due to a power outage.

H4Xor-Nytmare is a Hoax

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

Yeah, my hubby is quite pissed with what happened to friendster too. he uses it to keep in touch with friends. As for me, I've stopped using it. I find multiply better =)


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