Friday, November 7, 2008

Three months without a cell phone!

Gone are the days when cell phones are considered luxuries in life; they are now necessities. No wonder why even the Taho vendor in our office and my nephew who is just an elementary school student has this device.

But for three months, I was able to do an unthinkable feat in this age of technological advancement. While other call center employees like me are raving about the latest cellphone models, iphones or gadgets, I don’t even have a cell phone. And that has been for three months.... I’m not trying to prove something and I didn’t do it deliberately. My cell phone was taken by a robber when we had a break in in my apartment and as if it was not enough, I was also held up in a public vehicle after several weeks.

These unfortunate events have led to my decision not to buy another cell phone, which is not really hard as I don’t get to bring my cell phone inside the office anyway. Besides, I don’t need to worry about cellphone bills. Surprisingly, I can even focus more on what I was doing without interruptions from a cellphone ringing or a text message received.

While I have to admit that the advantages of having a cell phone outweighs the disadvantages, especially during these times when we need constant communication. A simple phone call or a text message from our loved one can give us an assurance that they are safe and there’s nothing to worry about. And peace of mind is simply priceless.

However, the past three months only proves that cell phones are something that we can live without.

Well, a couple of days ago, I acquired a new cell phone. It is not one of the classy and expensive models but a lot better than without one. I am just so happy to have something that I missed for a long time…


The Natural State Hawg said...

They are something we can live without, indeed.

I refused to carry one for years (I threw one out of car window and swore them off for good), but my wife made me get one. Now my office makes me carry one.

I hate the things.

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Nancy said...

it happened to me too but only for a month... but even just a week w/o it would make me!

Buti naman at nakabili ka ana ng bago... i guess that old fone of yours wasn't really meant for you to keep at all!

Have a blessed weekend!

Shawie said...

i thought I can live without it:) but having an iPhone is a different thing, it's actually a necessity specially here in the US...i liked the GPS feature & i'm glad that talking on the cellphone without headphone while driving is illegal now in CA as well as texting..

stevevhan said...

i have no cellphone since birth!yap that's true. I still have to wait a little more time to have One. . you can (maybe) live your life without it because there's still an internet somehow you can still get connected to your friends.


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