Sunday, July 12, 2009

I was tagged again!

I was tagged yesterday by Melissa, the leader of our Blogging for Fun group. I love to do tags occasionally because it gives me an easy topic to write about, but this one is not easy as I need to reveal a couple of things about myself hahaha.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random and/or revealing things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your post entry is up on your site.

So here are a couple of revealing things about myself:

1. My real name is not Leomar. It is only my pseudonym. It is a combination of my Zodiac sign and my nickname. I started using this pseudonym when I was in college. I also used the name when I was writing for magazines and comic scripts in the vernacular. I got the idea from my classmate in high school who first used this pseudonym. He was also born as a Leo and he also uses Mar as his nick name. So when we graduated from high school and we were no longer classmates, I took the liberty of using the pen name as my own.

2. Okay, this has been mentioned above. I used to write comic scripts and magazines in the Filipino language. My first short story was published in “Liwayway”, the oldest existing Filipino magazine in the Philippines, when I was still 16 years old. And believe it or not, I also wrote romance novels at one point and some were published. Now, you can laugh, hahaha.

3. My first job was as a warehouseman on a department store in Quezon City. I was still in college then but I needed to work to help in our family’s finances.

4. If you have been following this blog, you know that I’m working as a call center agent. So I’m being paid to talk but outside of my work, I don’t speak much. I’d rather listen to other people’s discussions. I am more of an observer and I don’t want to be the center of attention.

5. I’m the youngest of four children. I have two sisters and a brother. My mother was already on her early forties when she gave birth to me.

6. You can call my teenage life as boring but honestly, I never tried any illegal drugs during my teenage years. I don’t smoke either. I know, it’s dull but I just don’t get the hang of it.

Well that’s it. I hope I didn’t bore you. Now I have to pass this on to six other people.

It’s time to hear your secrets.


xprosaic said...

Hmmm.. both of us use pseudonym and both of us are the youngest among four siblings... hahahahhahha... buti na lang di mo pinasa sa akin kasi di ko ginagawa ang tag eh...jijijijijij :-P

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Badong said...

wow! naka-ilang stories ka sa liwayway? astig! may liwayway pa ba?

Guest said...

Napansin ko nga e, di ka gumagawa ng mga ganito kaya ipinasa ko na sa iba hehehe. Di ko mahindian yung nag-tag e.

Leomar said...

Marami-rami rin, mga anim yata o pito. Oo may liwayway pa, may nakita lang ako sa bangketa nung isang araw.

melissa said...

I kind of figured it was a fake name, and a fellow Leo too. I too am more of an observer, but a leader too. I do not follow well LOL. Thank you for participating, and it is nice to learn more about you.

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femmepower said...

hmm interesting. i'm impressed by your past jobs.writing comic strips was one of my hobbies back in high classmates were my solid fans, lol.i never made it a career and now i notice i've eventually lost my cartooning skills. bilib ako sa yo that you actually had a stint in Liwayway.Galing!

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Recel said...

I've done this tag a couple times before Leomar but I'm willing to redo this. Hmmm.... random so I I got a lot of it! hahaha! Thanks for thinking of me in this tag.

And oh... I am all praises for people who don't smoke and drink and do illegal drugs. I don't think it is a dull life when you don't go through such stage (or is it really a stage? I think not!)

And wow on your writing achievements! Ako naman, hanggang school publications lang. :( But when I got here in the US, I tried submitting a feature story in one of the monthly magazines here and I got chosen and was paid $100 for it so I considered it a wonderful experience! ;-)

Thanks once again! Will bookmark this post for now. :)

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betchai said...

oh, i am so interested to have copies of your published work Leo Mar (even though that is not your real name, but I can call you that, right? ) . maybe, once a while, you can post some of them here. well, am glad for you, for not trying out to smoke and drugs, there's really no need, i had that pressure early in my career, it seemed, people do smoke, do i have to to be in? i tried, i could not take it, there is just no sense since i disliked the taste entirely and why would i suffer just because others do it? now, am happier i do not have smoker's breath :)

Recel said...

Hey Leomar!
My post is up! I hope you could check it out if you got a chance! ;-)

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meryl said...

helo Mr. Mar Roxas a.k.a "mr. palengke" ikaw ba yan?

wow galing mo naman isa ka palang manunulat at ang sipag mo pala ha u worked as warehouse man..galing! saludo ako sayo.
anyway, i will post this tag soon kahit meron na ako nito dati. salamat sa pag include sa name ko. ;)


eng said...

oh! i loved to read liwayway magazine when i was younger! i might have read your comic strips there...good to know it still can't put one good magazine down eh!

thanks for tagging me...mine is not as interesting as your's but i did give it my best shot. feel free to have a look...

Leomar said...

Hehehe, i would love to put some of my works here, Betchai but they are all in Filipino... That's the reason i don't smoke, i don't like the taste hehe.

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Leomar said...

Salamat po, Meryl!

Recent blog post: MYX Daily Top 10 (July 17, 2009) Featuring Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas."

Tes said...

This is so late LEO, but i already did the 6-things-about-me from your TAG. Thanks, i linked you! :)


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