Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The SONA and ME

You probably think that I’m neglecting this blog lately. I know that some of you are getting bored with my frequent posts about the MYX Daily Top 10. Nothing new. I admit, I have been very busy lately and my mind was all over the place. I can’t find the inspiration to write new noteworthy posts. I don’t want to start complaining so I’ll stop right here, hehehe.

So what’s the talk of the town? I noticed that when I was blog hopping, every Filipino blogger has something to say about the recent SONA or State of the Nation Address of the Philippine President. Well, last Monday passed by just like any other day except that I needed to take a cab so I can go home in time. I live in Commonwealth Quezon City, a few kilometers from the Batasan Pambansa where the President held her supposedly last SONA so I was one of the many people who were agitated with the severe traffic. That I don’t mind much. What is PhP200 taxi fare compared to the two thousand pesos that I have been paying for my taxes every payday? I really don’t mind; I can not do anything about it, anyway. The government can spend it all they want. But a little honesty would have been appreciated. We deserve it. Would it really hurt to tell the truth? We are not living in a fairy tale world. It’s not hard to assess the condition of the country. Just look around you and you’ll see.

I won’t go into much detail and betray this blog’s advocacy to keep on celebrating Filipino pride… If you’re a Filipino, you should know what I’m talking about.

Let me just share this funny text message that was sent to us about the SONA:

“Ano kaibahan ng fairy tale sa State of the Nation Address?
Ang fairy tale, kwentong di totoo na may duwende. Ang SONA ay may duwende na nagkukuwento ng di totoo!”

I won’t even dare to translate that into English, lol.



betchai said...

“Ano kaibahan ng fairy tale sa State of the Nation Address?
Ang fairy tale, kwentong di totoo na may duwende. Ang SONA ay may duwende na nagkukuwento ng di totoo!”===that's funny :) it is really hard to know who says the truth when all seems to be knowing but like what you said, each one can feel also what is going on. our situation here is not as good either, especially our state :( but i think the govt here has a little bit more transparency and admittance for the wrong doing than ours. ours, everyone loves to backbite each other and hardly do we hear our politicians ask "where do we go from here? how do we do this? how do we approach this problem? how do we solve this mess?" what we often hear is passing the blame :(

Laura said...

I think a lot of us have been busy lately. And like you my mind is all over the place.

janicephil said...

wow!!! well i think there is not much difference with the fairytale. coz fairytales are a made believe stories so does the dwende that runs our government. hahahaha!!! hay..too bad but the reality is we can never find any true and real politicians that will run any countries in the world. every politicians are almost the same. whatever color they maybe. anyway. well, your feelings regarding about being neither busy or lazy to write is sooo true, I think it does happen to all bloggers. Some times it just tiring and it just the way it is. minsan kakatamad ng sobrang mag aapdate as in. every bloggers experience that too i believe so. :-E

Eddie Garcia said...

Hey Leomar!
There is nothing wrong with being honest my friend. If you have nothing to write about, sobeit. I haven't felt to inspired lately myself but when I do, then and only then will I write another post. Some people have activity going on all the time they can post about, but I pretty much stay at home all day long so not much happening except the same ole stuff. Have a great evening!

Friends 4 Life!

femmepower said...

Hi,Leomar.It must have been a real headache to be caught in traffic last Monday.As to the SONA,i don't really understand why her statistics don't match with those of her critics.Who's telling the truth?I personally think that GMA is a brilliant woman but her integrity is so questionable that whenever she opens her mouth,there's always a cloud or doubt.I admire her for her being tough and wise but i hate her for the Hello Garci scandal,ZTE,the fertilizer scam,etc. If these were all proven beyond reasonable doubt, I wouldn't know what to call her.

I don't know either if we'll see a worthy presidential candidate next year.I don't want to be negative about it but I think we've lost the likes of Ninoy.I really hope our fellow Filipinos will take time to scrutinize the candidates first as to track record,moral reputation,etc, before voting. Good luck to us!

Roy said...

at ang fairytale, nagtatapos sa... "and they lived happily ever after!"

meryl said...

nako sona nanaman pala...pantraffic lang yan...namiss ko na ang traffic ha hehehe.

Badong said...

hindi pa rin ako nawawalan ng pag-asa sa pinas!

Arlyna said...

Hi Leo,
I have been absent for a couple of weeks in the blogging world and I'm glad to be back. I like when you talk about politics or current events of what's happening in the Philippines. Politics and religion are things I avoid to discuss with people because it turns into an unnecessary squabble. But I do enjoy when people write about it :). Thanks for the visits and comments on my blog and hope to see you around again :)

meryl said...

goodluck sa speech ni madam....
balitaan mo ako leomar..


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