Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Entrecard and top droppers for June.

Today happens to be the first day of the month of July. Time is really flying very fast. Another month has ended and another one has begun. Before we know it, we'll be saying goodbye to another year. But what better way to welcome the new month than with gratitude and something new?

Okay, so let me introduce you to my new Entrecard image. It was made by Carlota, a new friend blogger who happens to be a very talented web designer. In fact, you will be seeing some changes on this blog’s layout in the coming days that will all be a product of her ingenuity. This EC image is an extra. Thanks again, Carlota!

And still on Entrecard, here are the top droppers for the month of June. If you have time, kindly visit these great blogs. Thank you very much for your continued support!

The Matthias Chronicles

New Dilemma

Hello Kitty Gifts


Online Marketing

60 Were Enough

My Library

Beyond Left Field



xprosaic said...

Wow! galing naman at may kaibigan kang kagaya ni carlota... san kaya makahanap ng kagaya niya... jowk! jijijijijiji

betchai said...

yes indeed, time flies so fast, not is already july :) somehow, when it is summer break, i want time to slow down :)

femmepower said...

aaargh i still didn't make it. i'll try harder this month to make it to your list.grrr.(hehe nanggigil?)

melissa said...

I love the new widget, meant to tell you yesterday, but I forgot. I didn't make your list this time, but congrats to all who did.

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Badong said...

uy! excited na kong makita yung bagong look ng blog mo. sana friend ko rin si carlota. hehe

2009 Nursing Board Exam Result said...

Galing mo naman...Sana magkaroOn din ako ng talent at galing ng tulad mo...hehehe..Take Care po...

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Eddie Garcia said...

It's going to take a bit to get used to your facelift but I'm sure I will. You have a lot of info to look over that's for sure. Take care and have a safe weekend.

Friends 4 Life!

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Roy said...


I came here after reading your comment on my blog. Thanks on considering for your list of Top 10, I am very much honored.

And if it's not too much, may I also promote my friends' blogs?

Zorlone ( and Writing To Exhale (


P.S. I LOVE the layout of your blog - I can smell coffee (lol) I'm a coffee drinker

I'll definitely tell Jan about this ;)

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Leomar said...

Yeah, before we knew it, we'll be saying goodbye to this year. I won't be surprise if i will be hearing Christmas songs on the radio soon :)

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Leomar said...

Hehehe, i also didn't make it on your top dropper's list this month. Let's try harder next month :)

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Leomar said...

Thanks, Melissa. I instantly love the widget when i first saw it.

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Leomar said...

Thanks Eddie. Have a good weekend too!

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Leomar said...

ako rin excited na... matrabaho lang kasi magpalit ng layout kaya di ko kayang gawin ng weekdays.

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Leomar said...

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the visit. No worries. You will surely be on the list. I haven't completed my top 10 so thank you for recommending other blogs. Zorlone is already on my list since I'm a frequent EC dropper on his blog. I will have to visit the other one.

As for the layout... I'm glad that you like it! But too bad, I'm about to say goodbye to this layout!

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Roy said...

oo nga, napalitan lang.

of course there's nothing wrong with this one, blue is my favorite color actually

but I am really partial to the previous one because I'm a coffee drinker, kaya nga sabi ko akin na lang yun e lol

thanks again!

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