Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

A fellow blogger, Lainy from Lainy’s Musings invited me to participate in a new meme entitled Saturday Saved- The Best for Last.

I was not able to join the first round last week but I promised her that I will participate in this week’s round. I think this is a brilliant idea and an opportunity for us to showcase our articles that we think deserves wider readership. The good thing about this meme is we can feature articles from our archives.

This week’s featured article is my trip to the Snow World at Star City.

One of the major attractions inside the Star City is the Snow World where you get to experience winter in the Philippines. It’s like entering a giant freezer with about 15 degrees Celsius below zero temperature. Based on press releases, it is one of the biggest man-made snow attractions in the world.

Well, I didn’t want to miss the experience so I took a peek inside and I can tell you that it’s worth it.

They will let you use jackets but there are also cold weather gears that are being sold at very high prices. Then one of the staff will give you directions on how to behave inside, before they open the door.

As expected, you will see snow everywhere inside. At least, this is the closest that you can get for a winter experience. On the left hand side, you will see different ice carvings and sculptures which were all magnificent. Just make sure that you don’t get too excited and break any of the ice sculptures as it could cost you P500.

On the right hand side from the entrance, you will see the ice slide which I read was the longest ice slide in Asia. Donna’s nephew and I tried it and it was a great deal of fun.

We didn’t last longer than 10 minutes as Donna’s nephew can no longer endure the cold temperature. We were practically pounding the closed door of the exit area just to get out. My fingers were getting numb and my nose felt that it's about to bleed.

One word of caution though, the snow is slippery and the flooring is so hard that in case you will slip off the snow, it will surely be a painful thump.

It’s unfortunate that taking pictures with your digital cameras or cell phones are not allowed inside. They let you bring your gadgets with you in a plastic bag but you are not allowed to use it. I also didn’t want to risk violating the rule and end up with a malfunctioning digital camera. However, they have a photographer stationed inside so anytime you want to have your photo taken, you can simply approach him. Of course, you will have to shell out more money, hehehe.

We had to enter the second time to have this souvenir photo taken.

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Scotty's Princess said...

Oh! Thanks for sharing, Leo Mar! I haven't been to Star City and I haven't had an encounter with snow as of yet, may it be real or unreal :)

It must be quite of an experience for you. I could tell from the way you described it and the look on your faces... 8-)

Kelan ko kaya ma-eexperience ang snow? Sigh!

BTW, your new lay out and EC widget rocks! I so heart it! So cool and neat! Carlota sure did a masterful job! :) ;) ;)

Scotty's Princess said...

And oh! Thanks for keeping your word, hehe! ;)

I will look forward for your featured Saturday Saved next Saturday...

Have a great weekend over there!

Windmill said...

Hello Leo Mar,

My pleasure to get to know you. :) And thank you for joining Saturday Saved.

Occasions like this become fond memories tomorrow. They are invaluable for family bonding. I am sure you and your family will cherish those precious moments.

God Bless!

betchai said...

oh, that is sad that you can not take pictures inside, i wonder why? i love playing with snow but only when the temperature is not below freezing, otherwise, the cold can hurt, i guess that is where the "bitter winter" came from.

xprosaic said...

Ay naku, nagiging bisyo na talaga ng mga attractions yang pagbabawal ng picture at meron naman daw sila official photographer/s... eh hindi naman magaling kumuha ang mga photographer/s tapos mahal pa ng singil... hayz.... jijijijiji... la lang umeepal lang.... wahahahhahahahah O:-)

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Badong said...

na-miss ko ng mag-star city! nung huling pumunta kasi kami dyan hindi kami nakapasok dahil medyo masama yung pakiramdam ko. sana this year!

Kelvin Servigon said...

may ganyan pala sa star city, nung last visit kc namin d'yan eh wala pa n'yan.. I think, we need to go there, now! LOL, lalo ngayon napakainit... ^__^

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Leomar said...

Hi Lainy, thanks for the invitation to do this meme. This post was in my archives. We went to Star City last Christmas.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

Leomar said...

Hi Windy, the pleasure is mine. This meme is a brilliant idea so i didn't think twice to participate.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

Leomar said...

I think the reason why they don't allow taking pictures inside is because they have a photographer stationed inside hehehe. It's just that you'll have to pay to have your souvenir photo taken.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

Leomar said...

Hehehe sinabi mo pa! magaling pa akong kumuha sa photographer nila e.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

Leomar said...

Last Christmas pa kami pumunta dun e. Sana makabalik din ako ngayong year.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

Leomar said...

Actually di ko rin sure kung nandun pa yung Snow World na ito... Last Christmas pa kasi kami pumunta.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved The Best for Last - Snow World at Star City

star said...

Hi Leomar, How I wish that someday I and my daughter could visit Star City and experience that kind of pleasure....brrrrrrr...kahit na alam kong mamatay ako sa lamig..hehehehe...

thanks for following me leomar, I followed you too. God bless and Happy Sunday.

Recent blog post: Saturday Saved - The Best For Last #2

Recent blog post:
Saturday Saved - The Best For Last #2

meryl said...

wow snow world! thanks for sharing the pic...
di pa ako nakapunta dyan..hopefully pag balik ko sa pinas eh ma treat ko mga pamangkin ko..miss ko na sila =(



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