Friday, May 7, 2010

A business experience.

My cousin and I used to run a small business. It was an electronics service center. It started out small, mostly catering to individuals who want their appliances fixed. When I joined the company, I realized that this business may not sustain itself if it will only rely on its current market. We can not simply hope that appliances from different households nearby will malfunction so our technicians will have something to fix. It was on this light that I proposed a vigorous promotion and marketing to grow our clientele. We sent proposals to different companies urging them to be part of our corporate accounts, offering them our services and discounts. It only took a couple of months and we have realized this goal, we had a wider clientele which meant more work for our workers.

But apart from the massive promotions, we also worked on enhancing the image of our small company. We had the idea that if we want to go big then we should project that we are one. We worked on changing our business signs, making it bigger and conspicuous. We also had to re-design our logos and business letterhead to be more professional. We thought that we will not be taken seriously by big businesses if we don’t attend to the small details of projecting a professional image. We succeed in this regard and the success went into our heads. We decided to expand the business, putting up a branch some place. We were young and aggressive. It proved to be premature; it was a risk that was not properly calculated. We were beset with problems because of the expansion. After a year, we closed the newly opened branch and it was a big blow on our egos.

The business is still in operation and still growing, as I was told, although I am no longer a part of it. I used to get consulted by my cousin on big decisions about the business until he has learned all the ropes of the business. It was an experience like no other and I hope to establish another business of my own in the near future.

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