Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating Originality

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With the advent of modern technology, originality can now proved to be a difficult goal. Almost all ideas have already been thought of by other people who lived before us. Even movies and music currently being released can be traced its roots or were inspired by old movies or songs. Some artists even thought of reinventing old music and released songs they dubbed as “revivals” which were patronize by the people just the same.

What is originality? Some said that it is a creation devoid of influences. But in my opinion, influence and creativity can result to originality. For a creation to be original, you must bring something new to an idea that had been thought of someone else before you. Add a touch of your own creativity to it and it can come out as original. Sometimes, it is just a matter of uniqueness in the style and presentation.

Popular athletic footwear maker Adidas has started a worthy campaign of celebrating originality. It has enlisted the help of people from the worlds of music, fashion and sport to participate in this campaign. One of them is British hip hop group N-Dubz who also shared their own interpretation of originality, their youth experiences, and their music inspiration.

Watch N-Dubz together with other athletes, musicians, skaters, artist and entertainers coming together on the street where originality lives.

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