Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat your words!

This election is the height of arrogance. Watch the interview of different candidates from various national posts and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Ask any candidate of his/her chances of winning in the election and you will definitely get an answer to the effect that their victory is in the bag. I hadn’t heard a candidate who publicly admitted that he/she is at the brink of losing. Even those that are in the tail end of various surveys are acting as if they were done injustice and would swear that these surveys are not accurate and can be bought. Understandably, they don’t want to create the impression that they are losing hope and that the votes of their supporters will no longer matter. Some have egos bigger than their brains that they could swear that accepting defeat is not an option. But some candidates even bragged that they have overwhelming support from other politicians, they have gargantuan political machinery and that they are spending their own money for the campaign. But let’s face it, sooner or later these candidates will have to accept defeats or cry that they were “cheated.”

I have yet to see a candidate who humbly implores the public to vote for him/her. Most candidates are acting as if they are doing a great service to the country by running in the elections. As if they are the much-awaited “Messiah” that will free the country from poverty and suffering.

These politicians need to be reminded that their fate lies in the people’s hands. There is no way that we will have 9 elected presidents of the country. Only one will emerge as the winner and the rest will all be losers or “cheated.” When May 10 comes, political machinery or the billions of pesos on the pockets of these candidates will not matter. It will only be the voter and his/her conscience who will decide the next leader. A candidate may be the most qualified and the most competent of the lot but this is not an assurance that he will be voted as the next leader. History can attest to this fact.

We may not agree with the outcome of the elections but this is the very essence of democracy. We may question the mindset of the electorate but this is the price to pay for having a democratic society.

After the elections, some people and candidates will eat their own words. Those who swore that they are not prepared to lose will have to concede defeat. Politicians will show their true colors. Those who have been attacking a particular candidate will be the firsts to be on his side once he emerges as the winner.

I can only hope that after everything that was said and done, we can finally unite and work together after this election whoever wins.

Let’s pray for a peaceful and successful election this May 10!

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onlinewriter said...

Here's hoping for peaceful and fair elections,Leomar. There have been reports of violence in some provinces already and some vote-buying too. God bless the Phil.


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