Friday, August 14, 2009

Celebrating a special day at the Office.

Today is Friday, the last day of the week, which also happens to be a payday since the 15th falls on a Saturday. No matter how hard I tried to make this day as ordinary as possible, I cannot deny the fact that today is an extraordinary day. I can only blame Facebook and Friendster on why our friends and colleagues know what is happening in our lives. Now, all my friends know that today is my birthday.

I don’t usually go to work during my birthdays. I don’t want to give my colleagues a chance to make fun of me and make me the center of attention so I would rather file for a vacation leave even if I will just spend the day at home, in retrospect. I simply can not stand my co-workers pestering me for a blow-out or a pizza treat. I may give in that easily hehehe. Not today, though. I decided to go to work for a change. And I managed to get through it unscathed. In fact, it was a great day!

I never expected it. My colleagues never gave a sign that they were planning for something. And just when I thought that this was just another humdrum day, it ended with a pleasant surprise.

I am not posting this to fish for compliments; I just want to thank my team mates for their efforts to make this day a memorable one for me. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your friendship, love and respect. You guys are the best!

Inside the birthday card are short messages from my teammates. And yeah, the card is playing a "happy birthday" tune.

Here's the yummy cake, but it's not as sweet as my colleagues :)

Meet my beautiful co-workers: Angel, Mitch, Kat, Grace, Bea and Meg. I should be paid for this hehehe.

Oops... Be careful with the balloons. They can still be used for another birthday celebration.

Photos courtesy of Nel, Jiro and Mao.


Femmepower said...

Happy birthday! How nice of your workmates. Mine will be next month and my daughter has been teasing me that I'm getting old. hehehe.

Marky said...

Happy Birthday Bro! May party pala kayo

Scotty's Princess said...


HAPPY BURPDAY, este, Happy birthday Leo Mar! It was so nice and sweet of your co-workers to have surprised you on your special day! You deserve such a treat!

May God bless you more and more!

xprosaic said...

Hala! Belated Happy BURP- dei parekoy! :-D

betchai said...

oh Happy Birthday!!!! You have wonderful friends and officemates to give you such wonderful treat! glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Star said...

Happy Birthday Leomar, wish you more birthday to come. Wow, you're team mate are sweet and thoughtful. Once again, Happy Happy Birthday and may God bless you with you're entire life. :) :) :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Leomar! Mine was last week, and I generally don't tell my work mates my birthday either. I don't like a lot of fuss. I am glad you had a wonderful day

Arlyna said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!! or as we say it in Montreal "Bonne fete et Bonne Anniversaire". Wishing you all the good things life can offer you and don't forget to have fun as well. Toast to many more :)

Nhil said...

Happy Birthday to you Leomar! :) They just did a sweet way to greet you on your special day! More blessings to come your way Leo! :)

Leomar said...

Thanks, Rochelle! Advance happy birthday to you!

Leomar said...

Wala akong kaalam-alam, may binabalak pala sila hehehe. Nakauwi ka na yata nun e.

Badong said...

weird. i thought i already commented on this. but anyway, better late then never. happy birthday kaibigan!

Vlad said...

Belated Happy Birthday Leomar.
Wishing you the best in life

Leomar said...

@Lainy, Xprosaic, Betchai, Star, Melissa, Arlyna, Nhil, Badong and Vlad, thank you very much!!!!


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