Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is your advocacy?

The question is not only for fellow bloggers but to all people who are reading this blog: What is your advocacy? It was the same question that left the most impact when I attended a pro-blogging seminar a couple of months ago. Honestly, the question came as a surprise since I was expecting a thorough discussion of topics revolving around the “Content is King” or “Marketing is Queen” clich├ęs. But yeah, we were told that if you want to make it big in blogging, you have to have an advocacy.

Again, what is your advocacy? Advocacy is the act of actively supporting a cause or idea. Or it may be a personal conviction that you want to promote.

Do you blog just for money? Do you blog to gain friends? Do you blog just to have a place to post your pictures and brag about your personal escapades? Do you blog just to rant? Not that there’s anything wrong with it. It is your blog; you can do anything with it.

So what is my advocacy? Looking back at the very first post on this blog, I only stated that I wanted to write, that’s my only purpose when I started this blog. I just want a medium where I can post my thoughts and ideas. But then after a month, I started posting news of fellow Filipino’s achievements especially those that gives honor to the country. In one of my posts, I wrote: “Amidst the problems that beset our country today, with all the rising cost of basic commodities, one thing that badly needs a raise is our spirit and our pride as a Filipino.” It was the beginning; I started posting good news on this blog that will make every Filipino proud. It has become my advocacy. Before I change my layout, I even had a blog subtitle declaring: “Celebrating Filipino pride.” I don’t know how to put it back but even without that sub-title, I will continue to embrace this advocacy as long as this blog lives.

Okay, I have to admit, there were times when I can’t help but to criticize and complain. I also had my share of rants on this blog and for those times, I’m sorry. Please understand that I used to be an activist before I had this paradigm shift.

If you don’t have an advocacy yet, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you want to display your expertise in a particular field?
2. Can you think of a problem that you believe you personally have a solution for?
3. Do you detest a certain habit, common practice or personality trait and you want to do something to address it?
4. Do you want to promote your passion or do you want to share your ideas that you think will help many people?

Ultimately, what do you want to be remembered for? What if you die tomorrow and you know that you’ll be writing your last post today? Will you rant? Will you post about your complaints and criticisms about a particular person, institution or life in general?

I would rather see life in a positive light and work on uplifting the morale of my countrymen. This is the least I can do for my beloved country.

How about you? What is your advocacy?


Badong said...

pumasok ba yung una kong comment? anyway, ulitin ko na lang.

i started blogging out of boredom really. pero kung akong tatanungin, i want to be remembered as someone who loves life. kahit mareklamo ako, i always close my eys at night with a smile, knowing how beautiful my day was.

betchai said...

the very reason why i started blogging outside of friendster is actually to share the joys i had in experiencing the unique and surreal beauty of the desert which i before misunderstood, and the wonderful joys of nature, hoping that i can bring some people to the trails and to hike, to find relaxation and inspiration, and peace, and bond with our natural world so that we all can work together to preserve our earth's natural resources. i don't really aim to hit it big in blogging , but it would be a big BONUS if we hit it big, right? anyway, i am enjoying sharing our beautiful world at the backroads, the paths less traveled.

xprosaic said...

Advocacy? nothing really... I just want to share here my whereabouts so I will not repeatedly tell my friends what I am up to... but it did not work well instead I met other bloggers and share each others thoughts and ideas... Blogging to me now became a hobby and my stress reliever...

melissa said...

What a great post. Mine is homeschool, and or education. I can not say I do not rant, or share personal photos, stories, etc. However even in a niche, I feel to add a more personal side of yourself brings your readers into you, and closer, making them feel like they know you. If I rant I try to make it two sided, so it ends up being a sort of educational argument, like a debate club. Those are my thoughts.

Leomar said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Badong. Di yata pumasok yung unang comment mo. Let's celebrate the beauty of life. Sabi nga nila, Love life and it will love you back.

Leomar said...

You're doing a great job with your blog, Betchai. You get to share the beauty of nature to your readers. No wonder, your blog is now becoming very popular.

Leomar said...

I can agree that blogging can be a good stress reliever. You also get to meet other bloggers which is a plus.

Leomar said...

Thanks for your thoughts and your advocacy, Melissa.

Arlyna said...

Leo, I have to agree with Badong - I started blogging out of boredom and I was suffering from slight insomnia and from that I created a blog. What do i advocate? My blog will always show my love of my family, that's number one. Even though I was born in Canada and of a filipino mother. I have the pinoy heart. I am also big on books, I really advocate the importance of reading. I am trying to convince my friends' and cousins' kids to stray them away bit by bit from all those video games. Last but not the least, my blog will always showcase food - who doesn't love food? ;)

Roy said...

Hi Leomar!

My advocacy? All that you mentioned! hehe... that's why I have so many blogs ;)

just dropping by to say thank you for supporting me in the recent EIB


maricar said...

hello Leomar!

i am Maricar, from Cavite living now in Germany.

i am new here in this so called blogosphere, and honestly i am not a good writer Leomar. I have my old blog in friendster, and through blogging i found my good friends and get to know them more, and they are so supportive to me and they are i considered "the treasure" i found here in blogging. :)

The reason i started blogging is to share my stories and photos of our travel escapades, to family and friends. My husband Michael had been travelling since he was 18 yrs. old and i don't know where else in this world that he didn't visit. Being married to a traveller is really an adventure, discovering, learning, hardships, and so on. " Travelling is the best school in LIFE", he said. There's so much to see in this world, we only live once in this life... and travelling with my husband for almost 8 years now, saw and experienced a lot from the countries we visited.... we always say... when we get old.. and hair turned white... we can say to ourselves.... well done!

Thanks for this post Leomar :) very inspiring.


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