Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TIME Magazine honors the late President Cory Aquino.

TIME Magazine pays tribute to the late and former Philippine President Corazon Aquino one last time on the cover of their latest issue, dated August 17, 2009.

The death of the “plain housewife” who became a universal symbol of democracy made headlines across the globe.

The international news magazine honors the former Philippine President who was praised as “The Woman Who Changed Asia, “The Saint of Democracy,” and “A Miracle Worker in a Plain Yellow Dress.”

The publication also highlighted that the former President was on the 1986 cover story, where she was proclaimed as that year’s Woman of the Year. She was the second woman to hold that distinction.

According to the Time article: “She was a good woman whose goodness alone, at the very end, was what proved enough, if only by an iota, to save her country.”

It was not only the TIME Magazine who gave honor to President Cory, other global publications honored Tita Cory for being an icon of democracy from the the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

“Whenever the country appeared to be in a crisis, Cory Aquino rose above the bureaucratic procrastination that had always bogged it down, reminding her people that they once astonished the world with their bravery — and that they could do it again. But Filipinos must now take stock. Whom will they march with now that their saint has gone to meet her God?” the Time article said which is also a challenge to all Filipinos to value the legacy of the country’s icon of democracy.


xprosaic said...

Galing noh?! :-D At least maraming makakabasa nito lalo na dito sa Asya... :-D

meryl said...

I'm proud to be pinoy!
she is an example of a true filipino!
mabuhay ang ating bansa!

Badong said...

oo nga very proud of her. maiba lang ng usapan, kelan kaya ako mapupunta sa cover ng time? lol

betchai said...

Pres Cory Aquino deserves all the honor, she has been an inspiration and her ideals will stay. said...

She deserves all these tributes. How I wish all our political leaders could emulate what Cory has done for the country - to serve the Filipino people and not themselves; to live in all modesty and humility; to uphold human rights and democracy; to lead by example; to maintain a credible reputation by being truthful to the people; to be a strong spiritual inspiration; to be a true public servant and not a politician.


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