Monday, August 31, 2009

Today is National Heroes Day 2009

Today is declared as a legal non-working holiday for the entire Philippines in observance of the National Heroes Day, as per Proclamation No. 1699. The day (August 30) originally commemorates the “Cry of Pugad Lawin” by Filipino revolutionaries or the Katipunan led by its leader Andres Bonifacio.

It is the best time to remember our heroes and the myriad faceless other men and women who have sacrificed their lives and given up so much for our country. These people have done noble acts and selfless deeds in the service of their fellow Filipinos to make our motherland a better place to live in.

As a people, it is time to renew our vow to uphold our traditions and aspirations and celebrate the achievements, the deeds of valor and nationalism of our nation’s heroes and martyrs.

May the hearts of every Filipino be filled with patriotic fervor, and the firm determination to serve our country not only in times of war but also in peace, and to make the Philippines a truly progressive and strong nation.

Happy National Heroes Day to all!

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I am Xprosaic said...

Gusto ko maging hero--- mangheHEROt... jowk! jijijiji


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