Monday, October 27, 2008

Another new look.

It was exactly a month ago when I decided to change the layout of this blog. I spent tedious hours then working on the new template and I felt good about it when I finally saw the finished work.

However, I encountered issues with that template. At first it would load perfectly in Mozilla browsers but when I try to open it on an Internet Explorer browser, I was surprised to see that the page is messed up. I also had a hard time working on the template as it will not allow me to access the page elements just like in my original template. I had to work on the html codes when I need to add a new link or a new widget. It was so inconvenient and time-consuming.

It was with the latter template as well that I got slapped with the zero page rank by Google. So as much as I want to keep it, I had to look for another one.

On impulse, I decided to change the template again. I saw this template from Blogger Templates and I thought I could easily tweak it to suit what I want for my blog.

So, here is the finished work… I just hope that I can keep this new layout for a long time.:)


Tey said...

it looks clearer Leaomar. Congrats to your new layout
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Jay said...

This looks really good!
Its neat and well built! :)

anneberly said...

well congrats to your new layout Leomar. Neat looking indeed
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