Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baguio City aims for Guinness record with largest gathering of golfers

The country’s summer capital, Baguio City is just one golf tournament away from winning a Guinness World Record as the historic Camp John Hay and the Baguio Country Club hope to gather the biggest number of golfers in a single event for the 59th annual Fil-Am International Golf Tournament starting November 19.

While some 1,200 golfers participated in last year's golf tournament, this year's event which will end in December 6 is expected to draw a far larger crowd, which according to locals, is a welcome boost to Baguio's tourism industry.

It is said that the Fil-Am tournament held the most number of players in one tournament that was consecutively played for two weeks thus the "longest and largest" in the amateur class.

Meanwhile, police are determined to make it certain that the event stays perfect for the tee-off, especially with the sizeable crowd expected to attend the event. They will give maximum security for the visitors. They have more than 400 policemen, and they expect to deploy one-third of them.


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